The history of the $50,000 6001 bearing order from my Poland customer.

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The hidtory of the $50,000 6001 bearing order from my Poland customer.

After some chilling, I asked him if there is a demand for 6001 bearing. What model do you need? How many pieces do you need? He said he wanted 20,000 6001 bearing. He said he urgently needed the 6001 bearing. He needed to have the 6001 bearing in stock for immediate delivery. Because the delivery date of his and his customers immediately expired, but his previous supplier could not provide him with 20,000 6001 bearing in a short time, so he was very anxious before. I asked the warehouse staff to check the stock of the 6001 bearing, and 20,000 6001 bearing were available. The customer was very happy to hear that 20,000 6001 bearing were in stock. Then we quoted the customer the best quality GCR15 chrome steel 6001 bearing price.
Two days later, the customer did not reply after reading my news. So I asked the customer: “What advice do you have for our quotation?”, the customer replied: “We need 6001 bearing of GCR13 material, not GCR15 material,” and then I reported to the customer 6001 bearing of GCR13 material. Bearing. At first, the customer felt the price was very competitive but still hoped that we would be happy to give him a discount and gave me feedback. I told the manager about the customer feedback. After our conversation, the manager finally agreed to give the customer a 2% discount as the first cooperation sincerity. After receiving the discounted quotation, the customer was very satisfied, and asked some number of other 3 models. I made a quotation for all models and sent it to him.

After 5 minutes, I received his PO of 6001 bearing and other models in the mailbox. He said it was a trial order, so he could only pay 30% of the deposit. The rest 70% of the goods were ready to take pictures and he would pay again. I discussed this payment method with the manager and eventually accepted the customer's payment request. Then I gave the customer an invoice for 20,000 bearings and 15,000 other bearings.
Two days later, we received a 30% deposit payment of 6001 bearing and other models from the customer and immediately stocked the goods. After the goods were ready in the afternoon, we took photos and sent them to the customers. After the customers saw the photos of all the goods, they paid the remaining 70%. Two days later, we After receiving 70% of the payment from the customer, we sent the 6001 bearing and other models to the customer's China freight forwarding. In the following time, we provided all the documents and actively cooperated with the customer's freight forwarding to do customs clearance work. All the tension was very smooth. After 35 days of shipping, the customer received our goods. In the afternoon, the customer sent me an e-mail saying: "The quality of your 6001 bearing and other models is better than my expectations. Your company's service is very good. The products work and packaging are very detailed. I will consider purchasing them every 3 months!".
Since then, we have established a very good relationship with our customers. Now customers buy it once every 3 months. Each time they have a large number of orders. "We strive to do every detail well. Satisfying our customers is our pleasure!


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