Main factors affecting the bearing speed

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After many years experience of bearing experts from Jinan Shenglei Bearing Co., Ltd., the following factors influence bearing speed have been summarized:
1. Lubrication method: Compared with grease lubrication, oil-air lubrication (or oil-mist lubrication) can continuously provide a small amount of new lubricating oil to the bearing, so the thickness of the lubricating film can be fully ensured, and the limit rotational bearing speed is also correspondingly improved.
When jet lubrication, due to large amount of oil supply, the heat of the bearing can be taken away quickly, and the limit rotation bearing speed  can be further improved.
2. Combination: When the bearing is combined, the heat generated by the bearing can be quickly taken away due to the large amount of oil supply, and the limit rotation speed can be further improved.

speed bearing
3. Pre-tightening force: If the pre-tightening force is too large when the bearing is installed, the contact stress between the raceway surface and the rolling elements will increase during operation, and the bearing heat will increase accordingly. In addition, as the amount of heat generation increases, the internal pre-tightening force at the time of operation further increases, the bearing is easily damaged, and the rotational speed limit is reduced. When the cylindrical roller bearing is in operation, if the radial clearance is too large and negative clearance, the limit speed will be reduced.
4. Drive mode: According to different spindle drive modes, the limit rotation speed of the bearing will change: When the motor spindle is driven, the internal spindle heat is larger. If the external cylinder cooling is used at the same time, the temperature difference between the inner and outer rings of the bearing will become larger. The increase in load leads to a reduction in the limiting speed; in addition, when the outer cylinder is cooled, the limit speed will vary depending on the tolerance of the bearing housing. Due to the different thermal expansion of the bearing and the bearing seat, the outer ring cooperates with the clearance fit to become an interference fit, which leads to an increase of the internal pre-tightening force and influences the limit rotational speed.

speed bearing 
The limiting speed of INA rolling bearings is the maximum speed allowed under certain load and lubrication conditions, and is related to many factors such as bearing type, size, load size and direction, lubricant type and lubrication method, clearance, cage structure and cooling conditions.
    The factors that affect the speed limit are: load size, load type and direction, lubricant and lubrication method. Experience has shown that: to improve the manufacturing precision of bearings, to increase the clearance of the bearings properly, and to use special materials and structural cages, it is also possible to increase the limit rotational speed of the bearings.
    The speed at which a rolling bearing can reach is limited, and usually depends on the operating temperature of the lubricant and the material of the bearing component. The speed at which the bearing reaches the operating temperature limit depends on the heat generated by the friction of the bearing during rolling (including Any other external heat) and how much heat can be taken away from the bearing, that is, the lubrication mode largely determines the limit rotational speed of the bearing.
Sealing methods, mating methods, etc. also affect the speed limit of the bearing.

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