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Thanks to good bearing stock management, we can quote customers more quickly, and customers can also conduct inspections better, which improves the efficiency of our mutual work.
1. Do a good job in the acceptance, storage, and point work of the goods and meet the quality management standards;
2, according to the provisions of the company to ship, incomplete delivery procedures can't be shipped, if there are special reasons, need to be approved by the leadership before processing;
3, the implementation of inventory management processes, improve inventory management methods;
4, to provide a comprehensive inventory analysis report, assess inventory management status, improve inventory management level;
5. Input, fill in and transfer of information system data, sort out and archive relevant documents and reports;
6. Regularly check the data with the warehouse and conduct an inventory on the spot, check the supervision and out of storage procedures;
7. Do a good job in the safety management of the warehouse
8. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

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