How to clean and maintain Bones Reds skate bearings?

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Bones Reds skate bearings are not as precise as the yo-yos, because there are eight bearings and four middle locks on one plate, and the best 8 for the replacement bearings are replaced. This is necessary regardless of which axis first bursts. 

original Bones Reds skate bearings
Cleaning of Bones Reds skate bearings
The cleaning of Bones Reds skate bearings is very simple. Remove the bearing from the board, wipe off the oil and stains on the bearing with a paper towel, and wipe off the inner wall of the wheel. Change the wheel to the Bones Reds skate bearings. Smoothness is good. It is probably cleaned once every week, and the high temperature generated by the rotation of the bearing when the plate is used, the glue of the wheel and the bearing wall are closely attached, which causes inconvenience when changing the wheel or changing the Bones Reds skate bearings. Therefore, the bearing is often removed from the wheel. To install, in order to avoid trouble, you can clean Bones Reds skate bearings at the same time.

8mm Bones Reds skate bearings
Oiling Bones Reds skate bearings
After cleaning the Bones Reds skate bearings, remember to apply oil. The range of oil is very wide and the cooking oil can be used. But some people say that the bought Bones Reds skate bearings are soaked in petrol for a week. This is a waste of gasoline. It is okay to apply oil when cleaning is done after one week. The bearing that has just been bought has lubricating oil, which is used to store the oil that prevents the bearing from rusting. When the plate is used, the oil can be sent out of the bearing. When cleaning, the first time is used. The oil is cleaned and oiled. These oils do not have a lubricating effect. They are just like the measuring cylinder can't be heated. Only the liquid is taken. It only prevents rust, but the often used Bones Reds skate bearings are not easy to rust. .

Bones Reds skate bearings supplier
Bones Reds skate bearings rusty
Bones Reds skate bearings will rust when they hit the water. If they continue to slide after passing through the water, the water evaporation of the wheels will be very fast. After sliding about 10 meters, the wax will be evaporated.

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