How much do you know about the deep bearings nsk?

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For decades, deep bearings nsk has developed countless new bearings to meet the needs of users around the world, and has made great contributions to industrial development and technological progress. At the same time, deep bearings nsk relies on its technical advantages in precision processing to continuously develop high-quality, sophisticated and cutting-edge products such as auto parts and precision mechanical components, and actively develop diversified operations in the fields of electronic applications.

enough stock nsk 6203 ddu

Product features of deep bearings nsk
deep bearings nsk are simple in structure and easy to use and maintain. They are mainly used to bear radial loads and can also bear certain axial loads. When the radial clearance of the bearing increases, it has the performance of angular contact ball bearings and can bear Larger axial load, this type of deep bearings nsk has a small friction coefficient, high limit speed, and various size ranges and forms.
The deep bearings nsk with dust cover and sealing ring has been filled with proper amount of grease during assembly, and it should not be heated or cleaned before installation. No need to re-lubricate during use, adapt to operating temperature between -30℃ and +120℃.

nsk 6203 ddu

The meaning of suffixes for deep bearings nsk
Bearing front code
F--------------------- Deep groove ball bearing with flanged outer ring. Example: F 605
MF--------------------- Deep groove ball bearing with flanged outer ring of specific size. Example: MF 52
MR---------------------Deep groove ball bearing of specific size. Example: MR 31
Bearing seal, dust cover
Z, ZS-----------------With steel dust cover on one side. Example: 6208 Z
ZZ, ZZS-----------------With steel dust cover on both sides. Example: 694 ZZ, 683 ZZS
D, DU----------------- with contact rubber sealing ring on one side. Example: 608 D, 6204 DU
DD, DDU---------------With contact rubber seals on both sides. Example: 606 DD, 6905 DDU
V------------------------With non-contact rubber sealing ring on one side.

in stock nsk 6203 ddu
VV-------------------------With non-contact rubber seals on both sides. Example: 6905 VV
Bearing ring shape
N------------------------Outer ring outer diameter with stop groove. Example: 6810 N
NR------------------------The outer diameter of the outer ring has a stop groove and a stop ring.

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