Why we choose fag pillow block bearing?

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The fag pillow block bearing is a bearing unit that combines a rolling bearing with a bearing seat. Most of the outer spherical bearings are made of a spherical outer diameter, and are installed together with an imported bearing seat with a spherical inner hole. The structure is diverse, and the versatility and interchangeability are good. At the same time, this type of fag pillow block bearing also has a certain degree of alignment in design, is easy to install, and has a dual-structure sealing device that can work in harsh environments.

The bearing seat is generally formed by casting. Commonly used seats include vertical seat (P ), square seat (F), boss square seat (FS ), boss round seat (FC ), diamond seat (FL), ring seat (C ), slider seat (T )...

Insert bearing type of fag pillow block bearing: l) UC bearing with set screw outer spherical surface; 2) UK bearing with tapered hole outer spherical surface; fag pillow block bearing is a grease-sealed deep groove ball bearing and various shapes A high-precision component product made up of a bearing seat.
The fag pillow block bearing can be directly installed on the main body of the mechanical device with a few bolts. It has a centering function and can replenish grease. It is a very easy to install and use product.

Although the price of fag pillow block bearing is generally much higher than that of domestic bearing, fag pillow block bearing can save you more time and cost. According to our users, the life of fag pillow block bearing is at least 50% longer than that of domestic bearings, which means that imported bearings have better economic benefits and markets.

Maintenance of fag pillow block bearing
When cleaning and disassembling the bearing for inspection, first take pictures and other methods to record the appearance. In addition, confess the amount of remaining lubricant and sample the lubricant before cleaning the bearing. Check and distinguish In order to distinguish whether the removed bearing can be used from the beginning, it is necessary to check its standard accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance, and cooperation surface, raceway surface, retainer and seal ring. Regarding the inspection effect, it can be distinguished by using inertial bearings or those who know the bearings. Judgment criteria vary according to mechanical function, importance, and inspection cycle. If the following damages occur, the bearings must not be used from the beginning and must be replaced.

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