How to lubricate the fag spherical bearing?

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Lubrication of fag spherical bearing
The fag spherical bearing does not require maintenance. Filled with standard lithium soap grease can usually be used on the entire bearing life surface. Grey cast iron bearing seats need to be re-lubricated. These bearing seats have a GU1 grease injection hole. There are two lubrication holes 180° apart on the outer ring of the bearing.
In the process of using fag spherical bearing, especially when lubricating the outer spherical bearing, pay attention to the amount of grease. The movement of the grease filled in the movable bearing can be roughly divided into two stages as the bearing changes.
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Under popular conditions, the amount of grease filled in the fag spherical bearing always exceeds the actual demand for direct participation in lubrication, filling the cavity of the support frame and the bearing cover, and forming a contour on the periphery of the movable body. During this process, the bearing temperature rises quickly due to the resistance of excess grease. Although most of the excess grease is squeezed out at the beginning of the operation, and the grease squeezed in the raceway attachments may still be migrated and transformed into the movable projectile to be brought between the raceways.
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In the initial stage of the operation of the fag spherical bearing, most of the grease is squeezed out of the raceway very quickly (less than a minute), and the accumulated grease will be discharged in a small amount after the bearing migration and transformation body circulation. . At this time, the bearing strength continues to rise until the excess grease is completely discharged, which can be called the running-in stage of the grease. Depending on the grease quality and filling amount in the bearing structure, this period may last for more than ten minutes. , Or even a few hours.
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When adding grease to the anti-friction fag spherical bearing, it may not be necessary to use high pressure, unless it is used very carefully. High pressure can damage the bearing and spread the grease. Excessive grease causes high temperature and danger and creates an invisible environment near the FAG bearing. In most applications, ball or roller bearings can be completely lubricated, provided that the grease level accounts for one-third to one-half of the capacity of the outer spherical bearing. The excess amount will usually be discharged by the sealed shell and spread out.
All anti-friction bearings in fag spherical bearings basically consist of two hardened steel rings, multiple hardened balls or rollers, and a separation frame or cage to separate the rollers or rollers. These types are divided into many types in use. Some types, such as needle cylindrical bearings, may not have an inner ring, and the rollers move directly on the hardened shaft.
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Inspection and determination of fag spherical bearing: to determine whether it can be used to check the bearing after cleaning and disassemble the bearing. Check the raceway, raceway, surface condition, cage wear, clearance of the outer spherical bearing and improvement of dimensional accuracy, irrelevant damage and abnormality. Non-separable small ball bearings, the inner ring, support the level with one hand, and rotate the outer ring to confirm that it is smooth. Separate bearings such as bearings can move the body, and the outer ring raceway surface has been inspected. Large bearings, because they can not be rotated by hand, pay attention to check the raceway, cage, wall, such as appearance of the movable body, the higher the importance of FAG bearings, it is necessary to check more carefully.

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