Professional makes you get the order of FAG spindle bearing.

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In October 2017, we received an inquiry for FAG spindle bearing from France. The customer introduced their purchasing needs and company in detail, and also attached a video link. Then quickly replied to the customer, FAG spindle bearing price customers are satisfied. I asked her to add my what’s app, the customer first used it, I sent the customer  picture and parameter list.

FAG spindle bearing

The customer is satisfied with the picture and parameter table of FAG spindle bearing. The sample of FAG spindle bearing is required and a sample list is made. However, the customer refused to pay the sample fee, and he saw the customer's background on the Internet. He felt that it was not a sample of fraudulent samples. The key customers were willing to pay the sample fee of FAG spindle bearing and provided the account payment. I and the boss applied for a free sample of FAG spindle bearing.

FAG spindle bearing supplier
After the customer received the FAG spindle bearing sample, the test passed, and then the contract, a small cabinet FAG spindle bearing very formal contract, I and the other party contract for more than 20 days, especially formal, surprisingly the customer Actually let their lawyers review the contract. My God, my client and I: 1VS3, negotiate one by one with dissatisfied places, and do not compromise on uncompromising. Finally, an agreement was reached to sign a contract for FAG spindle bearing, and then the customer paid a deposit of more than 20,000 US dollars.

supply FAG spindle bearing

The customer worried that we lied to the company. I had a video call with the customer before, took the customer to see the company, and took a video and sent it to their boss. Then there is the stocking process, from the details of the FAG spindle bearing, logo, inner packaging and outer packaging, one by one to the customer, the customer praises me very professional.

If you are finding FAG spindle bearing or other bearings,please contact me any time!

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