this order of flat thrust needle bearing, how hard is it?

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In July, a Vietnamese customer sent an inquiry of flat thrust needle bearing, through the platform, then communicated, contact details, and quotes. During the communication process, the customer was found to be a professional product buyer and did not dare to neglect. Later, the customer said that he would come to China to inspect the factory, and then proceeded to prepare for the inspection. Since I worked in the factory before, there was no pressure on the factory. Now I talk about the factory from the perspective of a trading company, and I feel that there is a lot of work to be done in advance. A month later, a group of 5 people came to China. Unsurprisingly, they were prepared to inspect many factories, so they let customers go to other factories and finally our home.

flat thrust needle bearing INA Germany

After receiving the customer to the factory, the customer visited the clean and professional assembly line, the standardized operation, the skilled workers, the filled finished product warehouse, and the mature sample room, which basically met the requirements for foreign trade procurement. With years of experience in foreign trade, our professional and skilled foreign trade negotiation methods have quickly gained recognition from customers. The five people in their peers have reached an opinion and decided to cooperate with us, and the samples of flat thrust needle bearing brought from their countries have also been given. I. After the negotiations, we went to lunch and felt that everything was going well. When you are not paying, everything may be variable. Don't care. It is also important to be careful not to let go of any details, including the staffing of the dinner, and anticipate the conversational taboos in the meal.

INA Germany flat thrust needle bearing

Through the customer case of this talk, summarize the following experiences:
1. Be patient with the customer, follow up with the answer, and be as patient and enthusiastic as pursuing a person who likes it;
2. Provide customers with a full range of options to allow customers to find the products and methods that best suit their needs;
3, customer emails must be promptly replied to follow-up, speed, efficiency, in the foreign trade correspondence to reflect your competitive advantage.

flat thrust needle bearing INA

If you want to buy flat thrust needle bearing or other ball & roller bearings, if you are interested in our bearings, please contact me, we will do the best for you!

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