Small profits but quick turnover, seize the agent of german fag bearing

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Some old customers who have accumulated in the early stage have been in contact for a long time. The Iranian customers who have been in contact with each other have made more than 10,000 US dollars in the previous stage. After April, they made an order of german fag bearing for a Turkish customer. The customer purchased 4 escalators, and the amount was three. More than 10,000 US dollars german fag bearing, in the early stage also cooperated with a small customer in Mexico, the situation of the manufacturing network in China is relatively stable.

german fag bearing

Try to maintain old customers, low order stability costs

“The cost of developing a new customer is five times that of maintaining an old customer.” I know the practical significance of this classic theory. Therefore, I have worked hard on the maintenance of old customers. Ms. Huang said that the elevator products are special. The agency restrictions in foreign countries are still relatively large, so the agents are taken down and the long-term cooperative relationship is maintained. The subsequent orders of german fag bearing are more stable.

original german fag bearing

Work with agents to solve the promotion problem

Ms. Huang also said that the reason why she is so focused on cooperation with agents is that there is a problem in the previous promotion. The customer is worried that our german fag bearing are not original, and the shipping samples are too expensive. Therefore, Working with agents can solve this problem effectively.

Small profits but quick turnover, seize the agent

Since the role of the agent is so great, how do you seize the agent? “The company adopts the policy of small profits but quick turnover for agents, and gives the agents a monopoly position in foreign markets of german fag bearing, giving them relatively favorable prices in their peers, winning cooperation, and continuing agents’ follow-up Bring a lot of profit to the company."

german fag bearing in stock

Aiming at the service target, finding the right way to maintain the customer, coupled with the company's own strong strength as a backing, into a single, is so simple!

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