Why did we choose hiwin linear bearing slide?

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When a linear slide is used as a linear guide, since the friction method of the linear slide is rolling friction, not only the friction coefficient is reduced to 1/50 of the sliding guide, but the gap between dynamic friction and static friction is also very small. Therefore, when the bed is running, there will be no slipping, and the positioning accuracy of μm can be achieved.

Traditional sliding guidance will inevitably lead to poor platform motion accuracy due to oil film backflow, and insufficient lubrication during motion, resulting in wear of the contact surface of the running track, which seriously affects accuracy. The wear of the rolling guide is very small, so the machine can maintain accuracy for a long time.

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As the linear slide rail moves, only a small amount of power is needed to make the bed run, especially when the bed is frequently reciprocating, it can significantly reduce the power loss of the machine. In addition, the heat generated by the friction of the hiwin linear bearing slide is small, which is suitable for high-speed operation.

Due to the special beam structure design of hiwin linear bearing slide, it can bear the load in the up, down, left and right directions at the same time, unlike the sliding guide, which can bear the side load in the direction of the parallel contact surface, it is easy to cause the machine to run. Poor accuracy.

When assembling hiwin linear bearing slide, you only need to mill or grind the assembly surface of the slide rail on the table, and follow the recommended steps to fix the slide rail and the slide block to the machine table with a specific torque to reproduce the high precision during processing. . The traditional sliding guide requires shoveling of the running track, which is laborious and time-consuming, and once the accuracy of the machine is poor, it must be shoveled again. The hiwin linear bearing slide is interchangeable. You can replace the slider or slide rail or even the linear slide rail group separately, and the machine can regain high-precision guidance.

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Insufficient lubrication of hiwin linear bearing slide will result in direct friction loss of the metal on the contact surface, and it is not easy for the sliding guide to be lubricated adequately. It is necessary to drill holes in the appropriate position of the bed to supply oil. The linear slide rail has been equipped with a grease nipple on the slider, which can be directly injected into the grease with a grease gun, or can be replaced with a special oil pipe joint to connect to the oil supply pipe for lubrication by an automatic oil supply machine.

Selection of hiwin linear bearing slide
◆HG series hiwin linear bearing slide: grinders, milling machines, lathes, drilling machines, integrated processing machines, electrical discharge machines, boring machines, wire cutting machines, precision measuring instruments, woodworking machines, handling machines, and conveying devices.

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◆EG series hiwin linear bearing slide: industrial automation machinery, semiconductor machinery, laser engraving machine, packaging machine.

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◆MGN/MGW series hiwin linear bearing slide: printers, robotic arms, electronic equipment, semiconductor equipment.

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◆RG series hiwin linear bearing slide: CNC processing machine, heavy chip processing machine, CNC grinder, injection molding machine, electric discharge machine, wire cutting machine, large gantry machine tool.

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◆QE series hiwin linear bearing slide: suitable for high-speed, quiet and low-dust electronic industries.

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