How to do the troubleshooting as iko bearing distributors?

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It is common for iko bearings to show faults during operation, so there is no need to be too strange. If a fault is revealed, judgment and disposal are the key.

Bearing temperature is too high
As iko bearing distributors, when the mechanism is running, the location where the bearing is installed is allowed to have a certain temperature. When touching the housing of the mechanism with your hand, it should be normal not to feel hot. On the contrary, it indicates that the temperature of the cam bearing is too high.
The causes of excessively high bearing temperature include: the quality of the lubricating oil is substandard or deteriorated, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is too high; the mechanism assembly is too tight (not enough clearance); the IKO bearing assembly is too tight; the bearing race is on the shaft or in the shell Rotation; excessive load; cam bearing retainer or broken bones, etc.

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Bearing noise
Gulu bearing is allowed to have a small running noise in the office. If the noise is too loud or there is abnormal noise or impact, it indicates that the bearing is faulty.
As iko bearing distributors, the causes of noise in Gulu bearings are more complicated. One is that the inner and outer rings of the bearing are suitable for external wear. Because of this kind of wear, it damages the proper relationship between the IKO bearing and the housing, the bearing and the shaft, causing the axis to deviate from the correct position, and abnormal noise occurs when the shaft is moving at high speed. When the bearing is fatigued, the metal on its surface will peel off, which will also increase the radial clearance of the bearing and cause abnormal noise. In addition, inadequate bearing lubricating oil, dry friction, and broken bearings will cause abnormal sounds. After the cam bearing is worn and loosened, the cage is loosened and destroyed, and the damage of the bearing with abnormal noise will also occur. When the Gulu bearing is disassembled and checked, the failure of the bearing and the cause of the damage can be judged according to the condition of the damage of the bearing.

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Metal peeling off the surface of the raceway
As iko bearing distributors, the bearing bone lumber and the inner and outer ring raceway surfaces all bear the effect of periodic pulsating load, so cyclical contact stress is induced. When the number of stress cycles reaches a certain number, fatigue spalling occurs on the office surface of the bone lumber or the inner and outer ring raceways. If the load of the bearing is too large, this fatigue will be aggravated. In addition, improper installation of IKO bearings and shaft buckling can also cause raceway spalling. The fatigue and spalling of the cam bearing raceway will reduce the operating precision of the shaft and cause the mechanism to oscillate and cause noise.

Bearing burn
As iko bearing distributors, the burnt IKO bearing has a tempering color on the raceway and the bone. The common causes of burning are insufficient lubricating oil, substandard or deteriorating lubricating oil, and over-tight bearing assembly.

Paradigm variant
The contact surface of the bearing raceway and the roller reveals the pits with evenly warped edges, which explains the initiation of bearing variants. The reason is that under the effect of very large static load or impact load of IKO bearings, the part of the office surface stress exceeds the flexural limit of the material. This situation usually occurs in low-speed rotating bearings.

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Bearing race cracks
As iko bearing distributors, the cause of the cracks in the bearing race may be that the bearing is properly tightened, the IKO bearing is abnormal or the inner ring is loose, the cladding of the cam bearing is deformed, the appearance of the installed bearing is not processed well, etc.

Broken cage
The cause is insufficient lubricating oil, broken bones, crooked seat ring and so on.

The metal of the cage is glued to the bone
The possible cause is that the bone is stuck in the cage or the lubricating oil is insufficient.

The raceway of the seat ring is severely worn
It is possible that foreign matter has fallen into the seat ring, the lubricating oil is insufficient or the lubricating oil grade is not suitable.

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