Must the ina ball bearings be cleaned before installation?

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Regarding the question of whether the imported ina ball bearings are cleaned before installation, there are still many people who have doubts. Some bearing installation and use personnel think that the bearing itself has a layer of lubricating oil. It is considered that there is no need to clean during installation, and some ina ball bearings installation and use personnel It is believed that the ina ball bearings should be cleaned before installation.
Because the ina ball bearings surface is coated with anti-rust oil, you must carefully clean it with clean gasoline or kerosene, and then apply clean high-quality or high-speed high-temperature grease to install.
The effect of cleanliness on rolling bearing life and vibration noise is very large. But we must remind you that the fully enclosed bearings do not need to be cleaned.

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Most of the newly purchased ina ball bearingss are coated with grease. These greases are mainly used to prevent the bearings from rusting and do not act as a lubricant. Therefore, they must be thoroughly cleaned before they can be installed.
cleaning method of ina ball bearings:
Bearings sealed with anti-rust oil can be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene.
For bearings with thick oil and anti-rust grease (such as industrial Vaseline anti-rust), you can use 10 oil or transformer oil to heat and dissolve (oil temperature should not exceed 100 °C), immerse the bearing in oil, and dissolve the anti-rust oil. After taking out the cooling, wash it with gasoline or kerosene.

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ina ball bearings that are rust-proof with gas phase, rust-proof water and other water-soluble rust-preventing materials can be cleaned with other soap-based cleaning agents such as 664, flattening, 6503, 6501.
When cleaning with gasoline or kerosene, hold the inner ring of the ina ball bearings with one hand and slowly rotate the outer ring with the other hand until the oil on the rolling elements, raceways and cage of the bearing is completely washed away, then clean the outer ring of the ina ball bearings. surface. When cleaning, it should also be noted that it should be rotated slowly at the beginning, reciprocating and shaking, and should not be excessively rotated. Otherwise, the raceway and rolling elements of the bearing are easily damaged by the attached dirt. When the number of bearing cleaning is large, in order to save gasoline, kerosene and ensure the cleaning quality, it can be divided into two steps: coarse and fine cleaning.
For inconveniently disassembled bearings, rinse with hot tears. That is, the hot oil is sprayed at a temperature of 90°-100°C to dissolve the old oil, and the old oil in the bearing is dug with an iron hook or a small spoon, and then the residual oil and oil in the ina ball bearings are washed away with kerosene, and finally Rinse it with petrol.

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Cleaning of shaft and housing housing bores and other parts:
Wash with gasoline or kerosene first, wipe with a dry cloth, and then apply a small amount of oil to facilitate installation. After cleaning these parts, it should be noted that all types of sand on the castings should be completely removed; if there are burrs on the parts that are matched with the ina ball bearings, they must be removed to prevent residual sand and metal debris from falling into the bearing during installation. Assembly quality.

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