News of how to choose roller bearing in INA bearings catalogue

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News of how to choose roller bearing in INA bearings catalogue

Introduction of basic elements of INA rolling bearing in INA bearings catalogue.
In the design of the new spindle, before selecting the INA bearing in INA bearings catalogue, consider the main shaft performance parameters, determine the most critical performance, and then enter the further probe. (including spindle speed, spindle precision, spindle rigidity, spindle life, main shaft heating, spindle reliability)
After determining the main shaft parameters, the actual size of the main shaft (axial diameter, length, bearing span) is determined.
According to the bearing form (ball or roller bearing), go (to match the number of columns), drive mode (belt) within, gears, motors, motor, lubrication, grease, oil and gas, oil mist, spray) set of parameters such as spindle to determine its structure.

ina bearings catalogue
1. Bearing radial load.
The main bearing of the radial load of INA bearing is the centripetal bearing. The nominal contact Angle of such bearing is a0<=450. The same roller bearing can bear more radial load than ball bearing.
The N and NU cylindrical roller bearings can only bear radial load, while other types of radial load can withstand radial load and axial load.
2. Axial load of bearing.
Main bearing axial load bearing generally is thrust bearing, its nominal contact corner a0>450. Thrust bearings and thrust angular contact ball bearings can withstand one or both directions at the same time depending on the structure. The thrust roller bearing and thrust aligning roller bearings are preferred when the bearing capacity is particularly high.
Thrust aligning roller bearing and one-way thrust Angle contact ball bearing can withstand axial load and radial load at the same time. Other thrust bearings can only bear axial load.
3. The bearing's own length compensation.
Bearing a shaft and bearing usually adopt a combination of fixed bearing and moving bearing. The length error and thermal expansion of the offset shaft of the floating INA bearing.
The NU and n-type cylindrical roller bearings are ideal for moving bearings, which can compensate for the length. The inner and outer rings of the bearing can be used tightly.
4. Length compensation of sliding fit.
Non-separable bearings can also be used as moving bearings. This type of bearing is used in one of two rings, with no axial fixed surface. Therefore, a ring of the bearing can be operated on its supporting surface.
After determining the size and type of precision bearings, consider the specific design of bearing.
Considering the bearing fatigue life, rigidity, heat and other factors, select the most suitable bearing clearance (preload).
Because of the bearing clearance and preload, the performance of INA bearing is the most critical, and the more high-speed operation, the more critical, so it must be considered carefully. Choose not at that time, there will also be early damage or sintering problems. It is necessary to go from step 4 to step 3, or from step 4 to step 2.
After determining the main shaft structure design, consider the necessary conditions for the actual installation.
The mounting shaft of the high precision bearing and the precision of the bearing pedestal, the tolerance, the tightening force required for fixing the fixed nut, the pre-load of INA bearing after the actual installation and the confirmation of the internal clearance.

INA bearings catalogue

Brand Type Model No. Inner diameter mm Outer diameter mm Thickness mm Weight


INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192316 80 170 58 6.1
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192317 85 180 60 7.3
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192318 90 190 64 8.6
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192319 95 200 67 10
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192320 100 215 73 12.8
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192322 110 240 80 17.3
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192324 120 260 86 22
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192326 130 280 93 27.2
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192328 140 300 102 34
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192330 150 320 108 40.7
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192332 160 340 114 48.1
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192334 170 360 120 57.5
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192336 180 380 126 67.4
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192338 190 400 132 78.1
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192340 200 420 138 89.3
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192344 220 460 145 108
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192348 240 500 155 138.6
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192352 260 540 165 168
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192356 280 580 175 206.6
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing LSL192360 300 620 185 253
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing SL014830 150 190 40 2.9
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing SL014832 160 200 40 3.1
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing SL014834 170 215 45 4.1
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing SL014836 180 225 45 4.3
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing SL014838 190 240 50 5.65
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing SL014840 200 250 50 5.9
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing SL014844 220 270 50 6.4
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing SL014848 240 300 60 10
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing SL014852 260 320 60 11
INA Cylindrical Roller Bearing SL014856 280 350 69 16


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