We concluded a transaction of INA needle thrust bearing in 6 days!

625 Published by admin Aug 31,2018

The customer's inquiry about INA needle thrust bearing was received on July 6. I responded to the customer inquiry in the first time and immediately added WHATSAPP. The customer replied quickly:he need our product picture., specification sheet, certificate of origin, agency certificate, import customs clearance report, and informed that he will visit our company as soon as possible. I feel that the customer is very sincere in purchasing this order of INA needle thrust bearing, so I insist on the customer every day for the next few days. Talk a few words, this will not bother the customer, and will not make the customer feel unfamiliar. Finally, the customer informed China on July 11th, we also did the pick-up work, the customer visited the company on the 12th, chose another Some models of the demand, and confirmed the order of INA needle thrust bearing of about 3 cabinets on site, after a total of 6 days.

INA needle thrust bearing supplier

This should be the fastest time for my order in the past 6 months. In order to let our customers feel our excellent service, we drove the customer to other different suppliers to visit and return to the hotel the next day. Transferring the customer, the customer directly said that they would come back to our company. At the company's site, they gave the cash of USD3800 as the deposit for the order of INA needle thrust bearing, and told them to continue to add orders for 3 cabinets. It is necessary to go back and confirm the actual quantity. confirm.

INA needle thrust bearing distributor

It took only 6 days to get the order of INA needle thrust bearing. This whole process is a very fast transaction process for our foreign trade department. Today, when the foreign trade competition is so fierce, I deeply understand a high-quality platform and innovative. Product design, stable product quality, and sincere customer service can always attract customers. Providing customers with the best products and the best service is our standard of work.

INA needle thrust bearing agent

If you need the INA needle thrust bearing or any other bearings, please contact me, we will do the best for you!

Contact: Miya
MP/Whatsapp: +8618363031398

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