The knowledge and performance of INA thrust needle bearings

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First of all, I believe that everyone who knows a little about machinery knows what bearings are. It is a very important part of modern machines. It mainly plays the role of rotation and can reduce the friction coefficient. There are many kinds of bearings, and there are rolling bearings. And sliding bearings are two types, and thrust needle roller bearings are one of the rolling bearings. Below I will focus on the INA thrust needle bearings in needle bearings, so that you can learn more about mechanical parts.

INA thrust needle bearings
INA thrust needle bearings consists of a thrust cage assembly with a needle or cylindrical roller or ball and a thrust washer. The needle roller and the cylindrical roller are held and guided by the thrust cage. When used with different series of DF thrust bearing washers, many different combinations are available for bearing configurations. The use of high-precision cylindrical rollers (needle rollers) increases the contact length, allowing the bearing to achieve high load capacity and high stiffness in a small space. Another advantage is that if the surface of the adjacent part is suitable for the raceway surface, the washer can be omitted, and the design can be compact. The cylindrical surfaces of the needle roller and the cylindrical roller used for the DF thrust needle roller bearing and the thrust cylindrical roller bearing are The profiled surface reduces edge stress and increases service life.

INA thrust needle bearings Germany

INA thrust needle bearings are fitted with a shaped cage that securely holds and guides a large number of needle rollers. In one assembly, the diameter deviation of the needles is extremely small, thus enabling these bearings to withstand heavy axial loads and shock loads. The needle ends are slightly contracted to change the line contact between the raceway and the needle roller. This prevents peak stresses on both ends of the needle and extends bearing life. Needle thrust bearings provide very high stiffness in a very small axial space. In applications where the surface of adjacent machine components can be used as raceways, the needle thrust bearing takes up less space than conventional thrust washers.

low noise needle thrust roller bearings

The AXK INA thrust needle bearings and cage assembly are the main components of thrust needle roller bearings. The cage is cold drawn with steel plates, and the small-sized cage is made of plastic. G2 high-precision needle roller is used to ensure uniform load distribution. The thrust cylindrical roller and cage assembly is similar to the AXK type assembly and can withstand high thrust loads.

The above is some of the contents of the thrust needle roller bearing that I want to tell you. I hope that after a brief introduction, we will have a certain understanding of this kind of bearing, especially in the mechanical manufacturing industry. We all know that the frequency of the bearing in the mechanical parts is relatively high. I hope that everyone can better prevent mechanical failure by understanding the bearing in more detail.

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