The stress situation and installation of JAPAN tapered roller bearings

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JAPAN tapered roller bearings are separable bearings. The inner and outer rings can be separated. Therefore, the inner ring cage rolling element assembly can be press-fitted onto the shaft separately during installation. The outer ring is separately inserted into the bearing housing hole. When the sleeve is press-fitted, care must be taken that one end of the sleeve is placed on the outer ring end face and should not be tilted. On the raceway surface.

Tapered roller bearings are mostly used in pairs. During installation, three aspects should be focused on the installation and adjustment of the axial clearance for commissioning and temperature detection.

• Choose the right installation of JAPAN tapered roller bearings
Tapered roller bearing outer ring and housing seat hole should not be used with the inner ring and journal at the same time. It should be adjusted when the nut is installed to produce more flexible axial displacement. Because the tapered roller bearing uses the interference with the change of the contact angle of the bearing, it is easy to cause the high temperature rise caused by the uneven distribution of the bearing load. Therefore, the inner and outer rings of this type of bearing and the housing bore of the journal and housing are generally pushed into the journal using both hands and a thumb, and the housing bore is the best hole.

JAPAN tapered roller bearings
• Adjust the axial clearance of JAPAN tapered roller bearings
For mounting tapered roller bearings, the thrust clearance can be used to adjust the nut on the journal, adjust the washer and housing threads or preload the spring to adjust. The axial clearance is the bearing size at the time of installation. In this arrangement, the distance between the bearing, the shaft and the bearing can be determined according to the operating conditions. When adjusting the clearance for high load, the high-speed tapered roller bearing must adjust the influence of the temperature rise on the axial clearance, and the increase of the gap caused by the temperature rise, that is, the axial clearance should be adjusted to a greater extent. For low speed and vibration bearings, install without gaps or pre-installed. The purpose is to make the tapered roller bearing roller and raceway produce a good distribution of contact load and prevent the roller and the drum from being damaged by vibration. Check the size of the axial gap with a dial gauge. The method is to fix the first micrometer on the fuselage or the casing so that the micrometer contacts the shiny surface of the shaft against the shaft. The maximum allowable amount of axial needle is the axial clearance value.
• Perform commissioning and temperature testing
In order to make the roller of the tapered roller bearing in good contact with the raceway and obtain a suitable axial clearance, the sub-bearing installation and the test and test temperature should be carried out after each adjustment of the clearance. The method is the first low speed operation for 2-8 minutes, then the speed test for 2 hours, then step by step to high speed. The test run of each stage shall not be less than 30 minutes. The heating rate shall not exceed 5 °C / hour and the final stable temperature shall not exceed 70 °C. In addition, care should be taken when installing and adjusting the tapered roller bearing. It is necessary to make a tapered roller and the rib is in good contact.

JAPAN tapered roller bearings high quality

Use bearing environment of JAPAN tapered roller bearings
Depending on the components used and the conditions of use and the environmental conditions, the accuracy is consistent with the proper bearing life and the premise of the bearing.
1, the use of parts
Tapered roller bearings are suitable for radial and axial loads of radial loads. The bearings are mainly used for the front and rear wheel hubs, driving bevel gears, differentials, reducers and other moving parts.
2, allowable speed
The bearing speed limit is allowed to be 0.3-0.5 times in a properly installed, well-lubricated environment. Generally, the normal speed is 0.2 times, and the limit speed is the most suitable.
3, allow the tilt angle
Tapered roller bearings generally do not allow the shaft to tilt obliquely relative to the housing bore, up to a maximum of 2'.
4, allow temperature
Normal load and lubricant have high temperature resistance and sufficient lubrication under normal working conditions to allow operation at ambient temperatures of -30 ° C to 150 ° C.

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