Problems to be aware of when using NACHI bearings JAPAN

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1. Shaft and bearing selection and control room tolerance NACHI bearings JAPAN press into the bearing should be free of block rotation direction flexible. If the significant rotation is not flexible, then the shaft size is too large, endure to drop. As the shaft after entering the obvious "sand" the tolerance of the hand rotating shaft bearing may be too poor or the shaft roundness. Therefore, a good shaft and bearing control room should also be controlled in the roundness tolerance, tolerance control only for many domestic manufacturers have no circle of control.

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2. NACHI bearings JAPAN assembly method. Since the bearings are precision products, such as improperly assembled channels, it is easy to damage the NACHI bearings, which cause damage. Bearing assembly should have a special mold, can not hit people, the pressure when entering the shaft can only be a small circle, when the circle, only press the force cycle. The general assembly requires pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, the pressure when used is on the upper part, and the outer part of the lower mold is installed in the horizontal state. If the bearing channel is inclined, the damage caused by power will be caused, and the bearing will produce sound bearing.

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3. Prevention of foreign body assembly. When installed in the rotor balance, it is easy to produce the iron chip dynamic balance bearing inside the nichi bearing, so it is best to do the bearing balance before loading. There are also some manufacturers in order to facilitate assembly, with some oil or grease lubrication of the internal coating, but operators bearing assembly is often difficult to control the amount of large indoor bearings, if oil or grease, bearing accumulation along the shaft, it is easy to enter the bearings rotation. Japan is not the best room NACHI bearings JAPAN, grease or grease, if not coated bearing, must not have control of indoor accumulation.

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4. Anti-rust paint. Paint rust features an assembled motor in a sealed multi-motor sounds good, but after a while in the warehouse the motor becomes very abnormal sound, removing the NACHI bearings JAPAN's severe rust. Many manufacturers will be seen as front bearing problems, and through our constant publicity, have now realized that the main electrical factory is the problem of insulating paint. The main problem is that the insulating varnish volatiles acid at a certain temperature, humidity, corrosive substances, that the bearing channel leads to corrosion damage formed. The only problem now is choosing a good varnish, which will dry for a while and then assemble the air.

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