NACHI wheel bearing orders were resurrected.

958 Published by Oct 29,2018

In March 18, a Norwegian guest sent an enquiry: requesting 150,000 or 300,000 NACHI wheel bearings, asking for separate quotes based on the two orders, and sending a specific product picture with size.

After receiving the inquiry from the customer's NACHI wheel bearings, we will find similar samples and quotes according to the requirements of the guests. We ask for the samples of NACHI wheel bearings. We will arrange the samples to be sent by express. Because we used to export the wooden box, we asked in detail whether the customer needs wooden packaging or just a simple package. In order to reduce costs, the reply only needs simple tray packaging.

NACHI wheel bearings

After sending samples of NACHI wheel bearings, the guests have not responded, we also follow up with the mail, but the guests have not received any feedback on whether we are satisfied with the samples of the NACHI wheel bearings we sent. We feel that there is a feeling of sinking into the sea, we don’t want to bother often. The guest, but also not discouraged, insisted on sending an email every few days to ask for a message, and send the guest some useful business information and greet the guests.

JAPAN original NACHI wheel bearings

The so-called Liu Huaming Ming and other villages, another week or so, the guests sent an email: said that some time ago because of participating in the trade fair, has been busy, did not respond to us in time. Samples of NACHI wheel bearings have been received, praised for the sample's satisfaction, and a small order came over. To our excitement, the guest also immediately made a 30% advance payment based on the previously negotiated terms. The method of requesting shipment is also very special. Half of the quantity is because the delivery time is more urgent, the air delivery is required, and the other half goes to the sea. After we receive the deposit, we will arrange the NACHI wheel bearingsde immediately. After the production is completed during the contract period, the customer will be notified. Inspection and arrangement of 70% of the last payment, the customer is very trustworthy, after receiving the invoice and packing list, we sent the remittance slip, this is our zero breakthrough in the manufacturing network in China. Although the amount is only over 3,000 US dollars, it also affirms our efforts.

bearings NACHI original

If you are finding NACHI wheel bearings or other bearings, please contact me,we will do the best for you!

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