A meaningful order of NSK angular contact bearings

1,133 Published by May 14,2019

In the past three months, the harvest has been good. Today I also want to share my recent experience. On March 1st, we received the inquiry of NSK angular contact bearings from overseas buyers.

NSK angular contact bearings

The number of inquiries and exposures of our products on the platform is not bad, the products we make are -NSK angular contact bearings. When we received an inquiry of NSK angular contact bearings from an Australian customer, we made a preliminary response to the customer based on the customer's inquiry of NSK angular contact bearings. But this customer response is very timely. At that time, I provided another communication method to him, and finally got online contact through whatsapp and WeChat, and slowly provided some specific information about the product to him. The important point is that she wants to buy our bearings for the machine and she is very interested in our NSK angular contact bearings. She said that if the effect is good, we will continue to purchase our bearings. In fact, we are very excited to meet this customer because she is very intentional.

original NSK angular contact bearings

The salesman has been communicating smoothly with this customer. From the quotation to the payment, there was no accident, and the order was finally sold. Now we have established a good relationship with our customers and we can have a future.

Combining this transaction experience, from inquiry of NSK angular contact bearings to order, there are a few general conclusions:
1. Inquiries should be promptly replied, and other forms of communication should be provided as appropriate, so that it is convenient to communicate with customers in a timely manner;

NSK angular contact bearings in stock
2. The customer background must be understood, knowing if this is your target customer;
3. Be patient with the customer. Even if you ask questions again and again, you should answer him without any trouble; you must be careful not to let go of any details;
4. Keep in touch with interested customers, because some foreign customers will be very troublesome when they go abroad. The process may be complicated and it takes a certain amount of time to apply for a visa.

If you need NSK angular contact bearings or other bearings, please contact me any time!

Contact: Ellen
Skype: +8618668909563
MP/Whatsapp: +8618668909563

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