Getting the order of NSK precision bearings- professional, careful, emotional

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I share a talk and experience with a US customer: a buyer in the United States, buying NSK precision bearings. Initially, the contact was not a quotation. Instead, the customer was advised on the materials, branding, packaging and transportation of the bearing. After the customer followed up for half a year, the sample was ordered. Later, due to many factors, the customer only asked me to quote him. 

NSK precision bearings 22212CAME4

In the next six months, there was less communication about orders of NSK precision bearings. Generally, in some important festivals, I will send an EMAIL greeting to the guests. Perhaps, the guest was really impressed by my service. One day, the guest took the initiative to find me and told me that there was no order because the product test was not good, but he was talking about business with his big client. Once he talked about it, Will be purchased in bulk. Let me wait patiently.

Later, the American buyer took the initiative to contact me to purchase 500 bearings of NSK precision bearings and test the sales volume. Later, the customer responded to the market with good results, and then the first order was 20,000 (approximately US$40,000), due to good delivery and quality. Later, this customer needed 20,000 bearings every two months, and has been returning orders until now.

NSK precision bearings 22212CAME4 Japan

Professional, careful, and important to maintain relationships

When I talked about the foreign trade experience in recent years, I am deeply touched: First of all, the quality of the inquiry is good, and it is necessary to grasp the quality of the customer. Secondly, the good customer is cultivated, the first one is particularly important; in addition, the emotion We must maintain our sincerity and professionalism.

In the face of the current situation in which some suppliers in the industry blindly fight prices, resulting in low profits of the peers, I believe that enterprises should be convinced by quality in terms of quality, so as to obtain more returns.

original NSK precision bearings 22212CAME4

If you want to buy NSK precision bearings or other ball & roller bearings, if you are interested in our bearings, please contact me, we will do the best for you!

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