How to deal with this customers who looking for ntn bearing catalogue?

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Colleague Mr. Zhang is a very senior foreign trader with five or six years of foreign trade experience, so he is very skilled in handling enquiries.

Mr. Zhang divides foreign buyers into factory and personal types, and needs different strategies for different types of buyers. If you are dealing with customers looking for ntn bearing catalogue?

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1) Factory-type buyers have the longest cycle of communication and the hardest to “take down”, but the quality of buyers is very good. Once there is cooperation, there is a great opportunity to cooperate. For this type of buyer, you must be patient for the customer want ntn bearing catalogue when replying to the e-mail, and you must say your own advantages, because such buyers generally like to come to the domestic inspection factory, the mail reply should try to attract buyers to the country. . If you come to inspect, you must be able to introduce yourself to the situation of your company, analyze your products in conjunction with peer products, and try to talk about the situation of your peers, pointing out the differences between yourself and your peers.

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2) For the individual type of buyer, it is necessary to improve the clerk's own ability. To understand the buyer's information, the clerk's own ability requirements will be higher, and the buyer needs to be very professional, and the communication should be prominent. My own professionalism in foreign trade, not only to understand the product, but also to understand the market environment and direction of the country where the buyer is located.

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Mr. Zhang said that as a foreign trade salesman, he needs to be very careful. When he is just engaged in foreign trade work, he has to work very late every day because there are so many things to learn. It is not only a simple inquiry, customers want ntn bearing catalogue, but also a simple inquiry. The knowledge of foreign trade must be very rich. For the grasp of the international environment, we must also understand the dynamics of the product market. Sometimes we need to "blow" with the buyers. Of course, the premise of these is that you need to be interested in foreign trade and have the ability to resist pressure. You must know that the investment is far greater than the return.

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