Adhere to the principle to win the order of NTN bearing JAPAN!

1,085 Published by admin Nov 16,2018

On October 1st National Day, we have a 7-day holiday in China. We suddenly received a search for NTN bearing JAPAN. We can directly see the customer's contact information. At that time, both the publicity and the warehouse were on holiday. Such an inquiry for NTN bearing JAPAN is also available, and it responds to customers like the usual mentality. Because most of the search did not reply, I did not expect this customer to reply very timely, and several emails exchanged and felt that this customer's intention was great.
NTN bearing JAPAN
At 10 o'clock that evening, the customer actually called me, and the exchange took about three or two minutes. I asked NTN bearing JAPAN for the delivery date and payment method. I said that our warehouses are all on holiday. At present, samples of NTN bearing JAPAN cannot be sent. After a simple accounting, the price list was sent that night. I didn't expect this customer to reply to my email the next day. Check the back and size of NTN bearing JAPAN carefully.
One day at 2 am, I was already sleepless, but when I thought of the customer, it was still during the day, and basically it was this point. I adjusted the alarm clock myself to sleep for 2 hours, and I raised my spirits to answer the customer at 2 am.
NTN bearing JAPAN original
When I got up at 2 o'clock, I was quietly lying in the mailbox with a long NTN bearing JAPAN mail. It was the customer's re-determination of NTN bearing JAPAN specifications, price, payment, and other requirements for delivery. The customer's prompt response to my speed, and the professionalism of the product. Very satisfied, another thing is to feel the customer's delivery is very urgent. So the customer asks if he add a little price for NTN bearing JAPAN, or give me a service fee, help him a favor, first arrange his order delivery, in fact, this detail is also a time to test a salesman.
NTN bearing JAPAN supplier
My first answer is: ''We are a good supplier, and I am also a good salesman. I can't ask for the tip of this service. For your NTN bearing JAPAN delivery, our company can't put other After the customer's order is placed, all who pays the deposit first, the first order is produced first, and the order of all customers is fair and reasonable.
This money can't be earned. After all, businessmen pay attention to it for a long time, not a one-off. In the face of customers, our foreign trade salesmen do their own services, the company is responsible for making products and talking with quality. The clerk's ability and character will keep the business flowing!

If you are finding the NTN bearing JAPAN or other bearings,please contact me any time!

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