How many kinds of seals are available for ntn non contact bearing?

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There are three commonly used forms of ntn non contact bearing seals: gap seals, slinger seals and labyrinth seals. Due to the gap, in addition to the slinger ring seal, non-contact seals are mostly used for grease lubrication. In order to improve the reliability of ntn non contact bearing seals, various types of seals can be used in combination.

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The ntn non contact bearing sealing device has the following advantages: there will be no friction at the sealing gap except for the internal friction of the lubricant. Therefore, the ntn non contact bearing seal will not be worn; it will not be worn for a long time. Produces a significant temperature rise; it can be applied to places with higher speeds. However, the sealing gap cannot be too large, otherwise the sealing effect will be extremely poor.

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The ntn non contact bearing seal of the bearing support part includes:

ntn non contact bearing gap seal. It has a simple structure and can meet the sealing requirements under general conditions. The choice of gap e is d≤50mm, e=0.25~0.40mm; d>50mm, e=0.25~0.6mm.

ntn non contact bearing groove sealing. The groove is filled with grease to make it difficult for dust to penetrate. There are two forms of ring groove and spiral groove. There are generally 3 ring grooves. Groove width b=3~5mm; groove depth t=4~5mm.

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ntn non contact bearing labyrinth seal. When the labyrinth circuit is filled with grease, the sealing effect is better than the groove sealing. Labyrinth seals can be divided into two types: radial and axial. Choice of radial and axial clearance: d≤50mm, a=0.20~0.30mm, b=1.0~1.5mm; d=50~200mm, a=0.30~0.50mm, b=1.5~2.0mm.

ntn non contact bearing oblique labyrinth seal. It is used when the deflection of the shaft is large, the inclined surface of the curved road can swing with the center. The oblique labyrinth seal can be filled with grease to achieve a better sealing effect.

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ntn non contact bearing sling oil ring seal. During oil lubrication, opening a groove on the shaft or installing a ring can throw out the oil to be lost in the radial direction, and flow back to the oil pool through the oil collection cavity and the oil hole on the bearing cover. A slinger ring can also be installed close to the bearing. This structure is often used in conjunction with a gap seal.

ntn non contact bearing stamped steel sheet labyrinth seal. The synthetic labyrinth seal composed of stamped steel sheets can be fitted on the shaft or shell by fitting, without axial tightening, and has a simple structure. If grease is filled in the curved path of the stamped steel sheet labyrinth, it will have a better sealing effect.

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