An unexpected order of NTN radial ball bearings!

845 Published by Oct 17,2018

I think the development letter of the successful NTN radial ball bearings needs to pay attention to the following points:
1. Concise and clear, omitting redundant and irrelevant information, the subject of email should be appropriate;
2. Identify the advantages and try to stand out among the competitors;
3. Use words politely, the tone should not be too blunt, nor too much like advertising;
4. End the advice to the client, must be appealing;

NTN radial ball bearings

A week later, a customer replied to my NTN radial ball bearings development letter and attached a drawing to ask us for a quote. Since we have made orders for NTN radial ball bearings, we quickly quoted the price, responded promptly, and satisfied the customer. Next, we asked the customer about the delivery requirements of NTN radial ball bearings in detail. The customer even sent us some other models to let us quote, and it is going well.

JAPAN NTN radial ball bearings

NTN radial ball bearings also had an episode during the conversation. There was no response from the customer for some time. I also sent an email asking if he had any other questions and attached a picture of our products like NTN radial ball bearings. Later, the customer found our company, contacted the manager to ask my e-mail, only to find out that the customer's e-mail had a problem, and I couldn't receive the e-mail, so there was no news. I immediately changed my mailbox to contact the customer, and also communicated technical issues. The customer was very satisfied and even increased the order quantity of NTN radial ball bearings. Soon after, I signed the contract. When I can't contact me, the customer has not changed to another manufacturer, but I have to contact us in another way. I think it is not only because of the high cost performance of our products, but also because of the good impression left by the previous development letter and patient communication. 

NTN radial ball bearings JAPAN

Through this experience, I learned the importance of developing letters and communicating with customers.

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