After customer bargains, they ordered our one way bearing NSK

1,124 Published by Apr 29,2019

Recently, two orders of one way bearing NSK were made, one worth 5,000 US dollars and the other 15 million US dollars, currently in the proofing stage.

The first order of one way bearing NSK for the transaction was an inquiry sent directly by the buyer, from Australia, where the communication efficiency and product price were fancy. I directly grasped the professional quotation that the customer wanted, and finally sold quickly, one month before and after.

one way bearing NSK

The other one order of one way bearing NSK in the proofing stage is that we actively search for the buyer's purchase demand quotation. The customer was from Canada and later came to visit the factory.

In the quotation process, we calculate according to the cost of the factory. In addition, we also make inquiries and comparisons in the roles of buyers in Shenzhen, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and finally quote them to customers. Similarly, the customer feedback, saying that our price is not the best, we have to re-examine the production capacity, and we inform the customer that the price of one way bearing NSK is worthy of the quality of our one way bearing NSK, no need to re-quote. Waiting for the quotation confirmation process is very difficult, but I know that I need to give the customer a certain amount of time to compare and digest, can not worry. Three months before and after the communication, the buyer has already implemented proofing.

in stock one way bearing NSK

In communicating with customers, we need to speak from the perspective of the customer. The salesman is the only bridge between the factory and the customer. It can't just be a function of simply transmitting information. It also needs a keen sense of smell and a similar speaker. Character. For example, after the quotation of one way bearing NSK is over, the customer will say that the price of one way bearing NSK is not the best, arrange the factory to re-calculate; the information that the factory passes to the salesman is that our price is already the lowest. If the salesperson simply passes this information, the customer will not accept it. At this time, it is necessary to show the quality of our salesman.

original one way bearing NSK

When we encounter such problems of one way bearing NSK, we usually do not evade. We are sure to inform us that the price is lower than ours. However, we have been strict with the quality and service requirements for more than ten years. We ensure that customers receive it. Any one is a good product. We know that buyers all over the world are priced, and buyers around the world are paying for it.

If you need one way bearing NSK or other bearings, please contact me any time!

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