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TIMKEN Bearing catalogue

TIMKEN Bearing catalogue

Product Specification:

  • Brand:TIMKEN
  • Origin:Japan
  • ID:1~500mm
  • OD:1~1000mm
  • H:1~1000mm
  • Type:cylindrical roller bearing tapered roller bearing spacer bearing thrust bearing plain bearing
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TIMKEN Bearing catalogue

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TIMKEN Bearing catalogue

TIMKEN is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality bearings, alloy steels and related parts and accessories.

No matter where in the world, as long as there is equipment operation and power transmission, you can see Timken's technology and products. TIMKEN bearings produce 230 types and 26,000 different types of tapered roller bearings, which are widely used in various countries in the world.

TIMKEN Bearing catalogue:
TIMKEN cylindrical roller bearings
Radial radial roller bearing
Single row, small size
Single row, large size
Single row, special size
Double row
Four columns, small size
Four columns, large size
2. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings
TP (three-row thrust bearing)
TPS (TP, with bottom washer)
Timken Bearing
Timken Bearing
TIMKEN tapered roller bearings
Single row tapered roller bearing
TS (pressed steel cage)
TS (split pin cage)
TSF (Flange Outer Ring)
TSRB (Snap ring outer ring)
TSK (Keyway Outer Ring)
TSL (with DUO end face - PLUSTM seal)
TSU (UNIT-BearingTM)
2. Double row tapered roller bearings
SR (double row right spacer assembly)
SD (circular bore)
SS (double row buckle ring spacer combination)
TDI (double row double inner ring)
TDO (double row double outer ring)
TNA/TNASW/TNASWE (non-adjustable double row bearing/lubricated groove TNA/with extension flange TNA)
TNASWH (with thick-walled outer ring TNA)
TNASWHF (Flanged Outer TNASWH)
3. Four-row tapered roller bearings
TQO (straight hole four-column combination)
TQOW (with internal ring lubrication groove TQO)
TQITS (Four Column Cone Hole Combination)
TQITSE (TQIT, with inner ring)
4. Thrust bearing
TTHD (heavy duty thrust bearing)
TTHDFL (TTHD, with flat raceway)
TTSP (Thrust Bearing with Cage)
5. Precision bearings
TSHR (Hydra-RibTM)
TXR (cross roller bearing)
6. spacer bearing
2TS-IM (Indirect Mounting Spacer Combination)
2TS-DM (direct mount spacer assembly)
2TS-TM (inline mounting spacer assembly)
7. Integrated bearing
Automotive Wheel Application Sensor-Pac
Integrated steering
Printing machinery applications
Wind Energy Application Flex-Pin Bearing
Wind Energy Application Planet pac
Wind Energy Application Rotor Bearing
8. Advanced Tapered Roller Bearings
DuraspexxTM & DuraspexxTM Power Standard Series
P900 Bearing
Fuel Economy Bearings
TIMKEN thrust bearing
Drawn cup needle roller bearing
Radial needle roller bearing and cage combination
Heavy needle roller bearings
Thrust needle roller bearings
Locomotive bearing
Bearing type bearing/cam
Cam roller clutch and bearing combination
Needle Roller
Planetary gear shaft
TIMKEN plain bearings
Radial bearing
SF (radial bearings, inch sizes)
FS (radial bearings, metric)
2 angular contact ball bearings
SBT (Angular Contact Bearing, Inch)
TIMKEN Precision Machinery Products
Size range
10 mm to 200 mm drilling
typical application

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