Do you know the considerations of roller bearing NTN?

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Considerations of roller bearing NTN
Compared with general mechanical parts, the roller bearing NTN has higher precision, so it should be used with caution.
1) Keep the bearings and their surroundings clean
2) Careful and careful when using
If it is used carelessly to give the bearing a strong impact, the bearing will be injured, indented, broken and injured.
3) Use the right tools
4) Pay attention to the rust prevention of the bearing
Avoid using it in wet areas, and wear gloves if you don't get sweat on it.
5) Users should be familiar with bearings
6) Develop job specifications for roller bearing NTN
a, roller bearing NTN custody
b, roller bearing NTN and its surrounding cleaning
c. Inspection of the size and processing quality of the installation site
d, installation work
e, post-installation check
f, disassembly work
g, maintenance (regular inspection)
h, lubricant supplement roller bearing NTN installation

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Before installation
1) roller bearing NTN preparation
Since the roller bearing NTN is rust-proofed and packaged, do not open the package until it is installed.
In addition, the anti-rust oil coated on the roller bearing NTN has good lubricating properties, and can be used directly for bearings for general purpose or grease-filled bearings without cleaning. However, for the roller bearing NTN for the instrument or the roller bearing NTN for high-speed rotation, the cleaning oil is washed with the cleaning oil, and the bearing is easily rusted and cannot be placed for a long time.
2) Inspection of the shaft and the outer casing
Clean the roller bearing NTN and the casing to confirm the burrs left by scratches or machining. There must be no abrasive (SiC, Al2O3, etc.) sand or chips in the outer casing.
Secondly, check whether the size, shape and processing quality of the shaft and the casing are in accordance with the drawings.
Before installing the roller bearing NTN, apply mechanical oil to each mating surface of the shaft and the casing that have passed the inspection.

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Roller bearing NTN installation method
Roller bearing NTN installation methods vary depending on the bearing type and fitting conditions.
Since the shaft is generally rotated, the inner ring and the outer ring can respectively adopt an interference fit and a clearance fit, and when the outer ring rotates, the outer ring adopts an interference fit.
(1) Roller bearing NTN press-in installation
Press-in installation generally uses a press, and bolts and nuts can also be used. When necessary, the hammer can be used.
(2) Roller bearing NTN hot sleeve installation
The hot-sleeve method of heating the bearing in the oil to expand it and then mounting it on the shaft can prevent the bearing from being subjected to unnecessary external force and complete the installation work in a short time.

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Roller bearing NTN maintenance
When inspecting the roller bearing NTN, never expose the roller bearing NTN to contaminants or moisture. If the work is interrupted, the machine should be covered with a piece of oil-paper plastic or similar material. In order to judge whether the removed NTN bearing can be reused, it is necessary to check its dimensional accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance, mating surface, raceway surface, cage and seal ring.
Regarding the inspection results, it can be judged by the use of a conventional bearing or a master of the roller bearing NTN.
The criteria for judgment vary depending on mechanical properties and importance, inspection period, and the like. NTN bearings must not be reused if they are damaged and must be replaced.
a) roller bearing NTN parts fractures and defects.
b) Peeling of the rolling surface of the raceway surface.

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When the roller bearing NTN is removed for inspection, the appearance record is first recorded by photography. Also, verify the amount of lubricant remaining and sample the lubricant before cleaning the bearings.
a. Roller bearing The cleaning of NTN is carried out by rough washing and fine washing, and a metal mesh frame can be placed on the bottom of the used container.
b. When rough washing, remove the grease or adhesive with a brush or the like in the oil. At this time, if the bearing is rotated in the oil, be careful that the rolling surface will be damaged by foreign matter or the like.
c. When fine washing, slowly rotate the roller bearing NTN in the oil, which must be carried out carefully.
The commonly used cleaning agent is neutral non-aqueous diesel or kerosene, and a warm alkali liquid or the like is sometimes used as needed. Regardless of which cleaning agent is used, it is often filtered and kept clean. Immediately after cleaning, apply anti-rust oil or anti-rust grease to the roller bearing NTN.

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