To win the roller bearings NTN order with the insistence!

713 Published by admin Sep 25,2018

Last year, there was a Spanish customer who ordered 5,000 roller bearings NTN and 10 sets of oil seals. The customers were very refreshed and didn't know much about customers. In the following year, although there was occasional contact, there was no single order. In December, the customer gave a Christmas greeting as usual, and the customer suddenly inquired. Asked about the price of our 30*47*12mm roller bearings NTN. For custom products, this information is too general.

roller bearings NTN

With in-depth communication with customers, customers have indicated that they need a large amount. Considering the large quantity, the customer originally had a bearing supplier. We are very careful when calculating the price. The customer said that we need to look at the drawings and parameters of the roller bearings NTN first, and then determine the quantity after reading the drawings and parameters. However, customers do not understand the drawings, and have always provided various schematic diagrams and repeated changes. From Christmas to Spring Festival, there has been no real progress. Despite the Spring Festival holiday, the company's designers quickly issued drawings and parameters for roller bearings NTN. I sent the drawings and parameter tables to the customer, and then I lost the following. After going back to work during the Spring Festival, I always remembered this list. Considering that the design was basically confirmed, I arranged a ticket to the NTN quotation form to the customer, and the customer accepted the price.

JAPAN roller bearings NTN

After that, it is to confirm the delivery date and delivery details, the customer is very refreshing, such a large list, even the deposit did not talk, directly hit the full amount. At the moment of receiving payment notice, don't mention how happy it is. Roller bearings NTN has a total purchase price of nearly $40,000.

original roller bearings NTN
To summarize the success of this roller bearings NTN order, I think the following points are the key points:
1. Professional design ability.
2. A clear, formal quotation form is important.
3. Stand in the other person's position and think for each other.
4. Patience.

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