Some common sense to choose and use roller bearings TIMKEN

714 Published by Sep 21,2018

About the roller bearings TIMKEN:

1. The size, direction and nature of the Timken bearing load [bearing load capacity is expressed in terms of basic load rating, its value is shown in the bearing size table] Bearing load is rich, such as the size of the load, whether there is only radial load, shaft Whether the load is one-way or two-way, the degree of vibration or shock, and the like. After considering these factors, choose the most suitable bearing type.
In general, the radial load capacity of bearings of the same inner diameter is increased in the following order: deep groove ball bearings < angular contact ball bearings < cylindrical roller bearings < tapered roller bearings < spherical roller bearings

roller bearings TIMKEN made in USA

2. The relative inclination analysis of the inner ring and the outer ring causes the Timken bearing inner ring and the outer ring to have relative inclination factors (such as the deflection of the shaft caused by the load, the accuracy of the shaft and the casing or the installation error), and the selection can be The type of bearing that is suitable for this type of use. If the relative inclination of the inner ring and the outer ring is too large, the bearing may be damaged by internal load. Therefore, you should choose the type of bearing that can withstand this tilt.

3. The roller bearings TIMKEN installation space can be accommodated in the bearing installation space. Since the design of the shaft system pays attention to the rigidity and strength of the shaft, the shaft diameter is generally determined first, that is, the inner diameter of the bearing. However, rolling bearings are available in a variety of sizes and types, and the most suitable bearing type should be selected.

roller bearings TIMKEN original

Precautions when using the roller bearings TIMKEN:
1. Selection and control of shaft and bearing chamber tolerance: After the bearing is pressed into the bearing, it should be flexible and unobstructed. If the obvious rotation is not flexible, it indicates that the size of the shaft is too large and the tolerance is lowered. If the bearing is pressed into the shaft and turned by hand, there is a clear "sand" feeling, which may be that the tolerance of the shaft is too large or the roundness of the shaft is not good. Therefore, the roundness should be controlled when controlling the shaft and bearing chamber tolerances.

2, the assembly of the bearing: Because the roller bearings TIMKEN is a high-precision product, such as improper assembly can easily damage the bearing channel, resulting in bearing damage. The bearing should have a special mold during assembly. It can't be beaten at will. When pressing the shaft, it can only be pressed in a small circle. When the ring is pressed, it can only be subjected to a large circle. Air pressure or hydraulic pressure is required for assembly. When pressing, the upper and lower molds should be outside the horizontal state. If tilted, the bearing channel will be damaged due to the force, which will cause the bearing to produce a sound.

roller bearings TIMKEN

3. Prevention of assembling foreign objects: When the bearing is mounted on the rotor to make dynamic balance, it is easy to enter the iron filings generated during dynamic balancing into the bearing. Therefore, it is better to balance the load before loading the bearing.

4, the prevention of paint rust: paint rust is characterized by multiple seals in the motor, the motor sounds very good when assembled, but after some time in the warehouse, the motor noise is very large, the bearing is removed Severe rust. This problem is mainly caused by the fact that the acidic substance volatilized by the insulating paint forms corrosive substances under a certain temperature and humidity, and the bearing channel is corroded and the bearing is damaged. The problem can only be achieved by selecting a good insulating varnish and ventilating it for a period of time after drying.

The life of roller bearings TIMKEN is closely related to manufacturing, assembly and use. It must be done at every stage in order to keep the bearings in optimal operation and thus extend the service life of the bearings.

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