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Some common SKF lubrication methods of bearings

First, solid smooth of SKF lubrication
Under some special conditions, a small number of solid smoothing agents are added to the smooth grease. For example, participation of 3 to 5% of No. 1 molybdenum disulfide can reduce wear, improve compressive and heat resistance, and are suitable for high temperature, elegance, high vacuum, and corrosion resistance. , anti-radiation, and very low temperature and other special conditions, the solid smooth agent to participate in engineering plastics or powder metallurgy materials to guess, can be made with self-smoothing SKF bearing parts, such as the use of adhesive to bond the solid smooth agent in the roll The smooth film is formed on the track, cage and roll body, which has a certain effect on reducing collision and wear.
Second, the oil is smooth:
Viscosity is the main characteristic of a smooth oil, and the size of the viscosity directly affects the fluidity of the smooth oil and the thickness of the oil film formed between the collision surfaces. The viscosity of the smooth oil at the working temperature of the SKF bearing is usually 12-15 cst. The higher the speed, the lower the viscosity, and the heavier the load, the higher the viscosity. Commonly used smooth oils include mechanical oils, high speed machinery oils, turbine oils, tightening oils, transformer oils, and cylinder oils.

Oil smoothing methods include:
★ . Oil bath smooth
The smoothing of the oil bath is the most common smoothing method. It is suitable for the smoothness of low and medium speed SKF bearings. A part of the SKF bearing is immersed in the groove. The smooth oil is carried by the rotating SKF bearing parts and then flows back to the oil groove. Below the base of the lowest roll body.
★ . Smooth drop
Dripping oil is smooth and suitable for demanding smooth oil supply SKF bearing components, drip volume is usually a drop every 3-8 seconds is appropriate, too much oil will cause the SKF bearing temperature to increase.

★ . Smooth oil circulation
The oil pump is used to transfer the filtered oil to the SKF bearing components, and the smooth oil after passing through the SKF bearings is filtered and cooled before use. Because the circulating oil can take a certain amount of heat to cool the SKF bearings, this method is suitable for SKF bearing components with higher rotational speed.
★ . Spray smooth
The dry and deflated air is mixed with the smooth oil through the sprayer to form an oil mist. In the eruption SKF bearing, the air flow can effectively cool the SKF bearing and can avoid the intrusion of impurities. This method is suitable for the smoothness of high-speed, high-temperature SKF bearing components.

★ .
High-pressure oil is pumped into the SKF bearing through an oil pump, and the oil injected into the SKF bearing flows into the oil tank through the other end of the SKF bearing. When SKF bearings rotate at a high speed, the roll body and the cage also make the surrounding air flow at a moderately high rotational speed. It is difficult to send smooth oil to SKF bearings in a generally smooth manner. At this time, the high-pressure eruption method must be adopted to smooth the flow. The oil is sprayed into the SKF bearing and the orientation of the nozzle should be placed between the inner ring and the cage base.

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