Focus on the future, seek a win-win situation with customers of TIMKEN cross roller bearings

892 Published by Nov 13,2018

Ms. Wu, a colleague, is very cheerful and willing to share. He gave us a detailed description of her impressive impression: On the afternoon of August 23 last year, Miss Wu received an inquiry of TIMKEN cross roller bearings. The inquiry was very simple. The client invited Miss Wu. Quote for the bearing.

After reading the inquiry, Miss Wu thought about three points: First, it was New Zealand, 4-5 hours earlier than China time. They should be at night, they must go back to the mail and go to sleep, so that guests can When I went to work on the second day, I saw the reply at the first time. Secondly, I carefully read the inquiry, and there was a company's website. I went in and looked at it. It was a company that made machines. Third, I looked at the name and email address of the person who sent the inquiry of TIMKEN cross roller bearings, and went to the website to find it. Oh, this person is BOSS. The website corresponds to the CEO's picture and email address, which coincides with the email address. That is to say, how much to buy, what price, is the person who can make a decision. If you know the other person, you can send an e-mail, and you can know each other and fight.

TIMKEN cross roller bearings in stock

The buyer asked for a high-quality TIMKEN cross roller bearings, which is relatively expensive. Miss Wu sent the detailed quotation, packaging, size and weight. When I sent the e-mail, I set up a "request for reading receipt". It didn't take long, about 10 minutes, Miss Wu received the receipt, but the guest did not reply, he may need to study, or discuss the quantity, price, etc. with colleagues, so Miss Wu chose to wait.

TIMKEN cross roller bearings original

At 10 o'clock on the evening of August 25, the guest has not responded. Miss Wu thought that the 26th is Friday, and the weekend is coming soon. Miss Wu can't wait any longer, and she begins to wonder why the customer has not responded. If you think about it, the quality is definitely over; then what is the reason, only one, the price.

So, Miss Wu immediately wrote an email and sent the product and price of TIMKEN cross roller bearings to the customer again. The price of this product is from high school to low grade. Guests can have many choices. After the release, the other party immediately replied. In the end, the customer was very satisfied with the sample and placed the order smoothly.

TIMKEN cross roller bearings

Talking about business is the collision of mutual interests. There will be no business in the world. There will always be some thresholds in the whole process. What suppliers can do is to satisfy the requirements of customers and seek long-term win-win only if they keep their own profits. Happy cooperation!

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