Communicate effectively and gain a order of TIMKEN double row roller bearing

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Today, I share the case of a colleague's order of TIMKEN double row roller bearing.
This is the first single that Dr. Wang has developed since she was engaged in foreign trade, so she is very impressed by Miss Wang:

four row tapered roller bearing in stock

The customer is an Egyptian buyer - the buyer sent the inquiry of TIMKEN double row roller bearing, and the subsequent communication between Miss Wang and the buyer is very simple. The buyer agreed to come to China and check the factory. In order to facilitate the contact, Miss Wang exchanged with the buyer. Detailed contact details. However, later, because the buyer’s itinerary in China was in a hurry, there was not enough time to go to the factory for inspection. On the night of the buyer’s return to the country, the buyer happened to live in the hotel near Miss Wang’s factory. The buyer asked if he could The hotel specifically communicates related matters. However, Miss Wang thinks that the buyer will contact the self-talking thing at the end of the day. I must have found a supplier in China, so Miss Wang did not have much hope.

TIMKEN double row roller bearing

After communicating with the manager, Miss Wang decided to visit the buyer. When the rain was heavy that night, Miss Wang rushed to the hotel to meet the buyer. Both sides felt very cordial. During the conversation, they also felt the sincerity of both parties and passed the buyer. The three-hour conversation found that the buyer mentioned all the details and was very professional. During the three-hour conversation, both sides had great sincerity. Finally, the buyer decided to stay in China for another day and went to the factory with Miss Wang.

After the factory inspection, the buyer was very satisfied with the company's production capacity and comprehensive strength. At the beginning, it was ready to put down 5 cabinets TIMKEN double row roller bearing at one time, but then the buyer thought that the long water flow was better, so the first two cabinets were used as test orders.
The first single gave Miss Wang great confidence. For this first success, Miss Wang summed up the following points:

TIMKEN double row roller bearing in stock

First, be good at grasping business opportunities and not letting go of every opportunity. If the opportunity is not grasped in time, it will slip away from the front. If Miss Wang thought that the Egyptian buyer had no hope, she would not have a subsequent order and would miss the professional buyer.

Second, the price, quality and double advantages. Price and quality are the focus of buyers. The price is reasonable enough to fully consider the buyer's needs.

Third, the long-lasting maintenance of customer feelings. Ms. Wang has been in friendly contact with the Egyptian buyer. Even if the buyer may not place an order for a while, Miss Wang will send her greetings at the appropriate time.

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