the importance of making a call for deep groove ball bearing manufacturer

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I received an enquiry from Ethiopia and made my first order of deep groove ball bearing manufacturer. The middle process is a lot of twists and turns, so it is more memorable. The customer's needs are very specific. After reading the inquiry, immediately report the price to the customer. Back and forth in the middle, communicated many times, try to meet the needs of customers. Because there is a 5 hour time difference, they are all in the afternoon to contact the customer. I have not received an email reply from the customer several times, and I have to make an international call to my client after work in the evening. The point here is that the importance of telephone communication. Moreover, if you do not receive a reply from the customer, you will have to call. And it is played with your own mobile phone, not a landline. Customers will feel your sincerity. Don't worry about the problem of international long-distance telephone charges, it is the cost of buying gifts for customers.

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When the deposit of deep groove ball bearing manufacturer was made , the customer made a payment to the bank account of another domestic supplier, communicated with the domestic supplier of the customer, and finally re-paid the company account. After the delivery, the customer pays the notification email of the last payment, which is automatically blocked by our company's corporate email system. It was really very angry at the time, and the emotions were somewhat out of control; it affected the timeliness of sending bills of lading to customers. Later, through communication and consultation, the problems that occurred were solved one by one.

Remind to see the peers here, in the face of unforeseen setbacks, we must try to restrain our negative emotions. Colleagues around you won't like your negative emotions. To be a amiable person, business can last long.

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If you want to buy deep groove ball bearing manufacturer or other ball & roller bearings, if you are interested in our bearings, please contact me, we will do the best for you!

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