A professional supplier of all specifications of axial-bearing and radial bearings,high performance high quality,large ready stocks with competitive price!

all specifications of axial-bearing and radial bearings-1Jinan Shenglei Bearing Co., Ltd.

Jinan Shenglei Bearing Co.,Ltd. is a professional bearing manufacturer and Bearing distributor in China. Founded in 1999,

it is located in the Jinan City. It has a wealth of technical expertise in manufacturing various ball and roller bearings."ZYSL"is

our factory brand with high quality. Its automatic bearing production lines are of most advanced level both home and abroad,

and produces 10 million pieces of bearing annually. We inspect bearing's quality to ensure them performing exactly as specified.

That is the reason for our continuing growth and success. In 2011, we established our ball bearings distributor trade company to

do the export business of our bearings. By means of its premium quality and reasonable prices, up to now, our bearings had been

exported to more than thirty countries worldwide and are warmly welcomed.


all specifications of axial-bearing and radial bearings-2all specifications of axial-bearing and radial bearings-3

all specifications of axial-bearing and radial bearings-4all specifications of axial-bearing and radial bearings-5
What ZYSL manufacturer make?
The manufacturing capacity of ZYSL Bearing ranges from small bearings with inner diameter of 2mm to large bearings with

outer diameter of 1000mm. In addition to standard products,
ZYSL as a bearing manufacturer can also supply non-standard and modified standard products for special application. Meanwhile, it can also

provide OEM service.


all specifications of axial-bearing and radial bearings-6all specifications of axial-bearing and radial bearings-7

Why deal with us?
All producing processes, such as forging, turning, heat treating, grinding, assembly and packing, are finished in our manufactory.

That is why ZYSL Bearing supplier can provide you precision ball and roller bearings at the lowest possible prices and meet delivery on time.

As an ISO9001:2000, Rohs, SGS certified manufacturer, we had established product traceability system. Besides, ZYSL Bearing has

a strong technological team to solve various problems in application and use of our bearings.


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As a well-known Chinese bearing manufacturer, ZYSL bearing manufacturer has long-term good relations with a large number of U.S. and European

companies. There are even a lot of customers have been cooperating with us more than 10 years. We can provide these customers

information, you can know us better on the quality of products and services through our regular customers!


If you need any of axial-bearing and radial bearings,please contact me any time!


Email/Skype:[email protected]



Jinan Shenglei Bearing Co., Ltd.


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