What is abec grade?How can we choose it?

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The ABEC standard is a set of standards for the different grades of tolerances used in the manufacture of precision bearings.

The standard is made by the American association of bearing manufacturers (ABMA), a circular bearing engineering association/committee (ABEC). The American bearing manufacturing association (ABMA) was formerly the lubrication bearing manufacturing association.

Bearings under ABEC system are generally called precision bearings, and the higher the number is from 1 to 9, the higher the accuracy grade of bearing manufacturing is. (large = narrower tolerance zone = more expensive)

Other grade numbering system: ABEC is simply a method to define the tolerance level of the bearing. The International Organization for Standardization and the German standard Organization (DIN) also have similar standards to measure the accuracy of bearings. In ISO and DIN systems, the smaller the number means the narrower the tolerance zone, and the larger the number means the wider the tolerance zone. This is the opposite of the ABEC standard. See the corresponding table below.


ABEC1 Normal P0

ABEC3 Class 6 P6.

ABEC5 Class 5 P5

ABEC7 Class 4 P4.

ABEC9 Class 2 P2


ABEC = ABMA system for rating ball bearing

SO = International Standards Organization.

DIN = German National Standards Organization.

The precision of bearing is the main difference between the bearing product with the precision of dimension and the precision of rotation precision and low precision.

1. The size requirement is different, and the size deviation (inside diameter, outer diameter, ellipse, etc.) of the product with high accuracy grade is smaller than that of the product with lower accuracy grade;
2, rotation accuracy requirements are different, the product with high precision grade the rotation accuracy (radial runout, outer diameter to beat, end face a race to beat, etc.) are lower than the accuracy grade of product value to strict;

3, surface shape and surface quality is not the same as the required value, high precision grade of the surface shape and surface quality (race or surface roughness of the channel, circular deviation, furrowed deviation, etc.) are lower than the accuracy grade of product value to strict;

4. The material of the product with high accuracy grade is more favorable than the material performance of the product with the general accuracy grade. In general, the precision level of the finished product of rolling bearing is divided into the following six grades (from low to high) : 0; 6; 6 x; 5; 4. 2.

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