Six Mistakes in the Replacement of skate shoes ceramic bearing by Novices

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Novice Mistakes 1: Do not consider the characteristics of your own actions, blindly choose

Although the skate shoes ceramic bearing can be cleaned and speeded, but he can't stand the toss, fsk is the direction of the shoe. The result is that the bearing is basically scrapped in less than three months. So the direction of your practice, decide what bearing you use, and then the bearing, you use the limit small wheel, how fast can he?

Novice Mistake 2: I think -7 is faster than -5

The misunderstanding that novices often have is that -7 is faster than -5, which is actually a huge misunderstanding. The -7-5 skate shoes ceramic bearing standard is only about accuracy, because the standard has always rejected the concept of abec because the standard has never stated the material and does not specify the structure of the lubricant and the bracket used. From this point of view, the -7 to 5 that the novices admire is too fast to rely on, because his material is different, the brackets are different, the lubricants are used differently, so the good-5 is faster than -7. .

Novice Mistakes 3: I think the design of ilq-96 beads is not strong

After using the iron cover ilq-9, there is no doubt about this, even 190 kg fsk players can bear, are you still worried? But my personal opinion is that if you are an fsk player, try to choose iron steel, steel bracket ilq-9, do not choose nylon bracket, nylon bracket increases the speed, but will reduce the bearing capacity.

skate shoes ceramic bearing original

Novice Mistakes 4: Wd40 (carburetor cleaner, or gasoline) for bearing cleaning

Novices often clean their bearings with highly corrosive carburetor cleaners and gasoline, which actually ruined their skate shoes ceramic bearing. The reason is that both materials are highly corrosive. Such cleaning, although very clean, will also ruin the brackets and steel balls, which will tend to be brittle over time, so I do not recommend cleaning the bearings with these two materials.

Novice Mistakes 5: skate shoes ceramic bearing Can Be Used by Anyone

A good set of black pottery is so ruined, it can be seen that ceramic bearings are absolutely not suitable for some movements, so it is recommended here that there are plans to learn the limits, fsk friends, do not choose ceramic bearings.

Novice Mistake 6: Industrial bearings and roller bearings are not the same

This is wrong. I have seen a bunch of people using industrial bearings, and the effect is quite good. Industrial bearings are not slow and are very strong. Therefore, it can be seen that professional roller bearings are not necessarily comparable to industrial bearings.

I am doing a simple sorting here:
1, ordinary exercise brush street does not contain running jump, slide and other actions (ordinary people): ordinary abec-7 enough
2, like to brush the street, like speed, like flat flowers, also play slide also run and jump (fsk power to send players): up to ilq-9 iron cover, steel bracket bearings.
3, like flat flowers, like to brush the street (flat flower player, non-explosive player): il-9 iron cover just bracket, sometimes the bearing is too fast, but not suitable for action.
4, the extreme category of players: -5 is enough, foreign good -3 is not bad.
5, speed skating: single-sided dustproof, ceramic bearings, speed skating is not afraid.

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