How to choose the suitable longboard skateboard wheels?

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The long board has a strong sense of operation and is quick to get started. The longboard is a must-have for skateboard entry. The choice of longboard skateboard wheels is also very important. The high-quality suitable longboard skateboard wheels can improve the performance of the skateboard, protect your safety and enhance the sense of operation. So how do you choose longboard skateboard wheels?
The diameter of the longboard skateboard wheels, the diameter of the wheels is measured in millimeters. The larger the diameter, the smoother the sliding. It means that the wheels are heavier and the speed is slower. The ideal diameter is between 70mm and 80mm. The skateboard is both light and fast. 

Longboard skateboard wheels contact area with the ground, the wider the area, the more rubber molecules contact the road surface, the stronger the grip, the smoother you will be when you slide, suitable for sprouting, brushing street players.

longboard skateboard wheels
The hardness of the longboard skateboard wheels is softer and more elastic. The 75a-78a is soft and elastic. It is suitable for dolphins. The 80-87a is suitable for drifting during the process of Freeride long slope. The 90+ is suitable for the skate park. The pleasure is unspeakable.

Longboard skateboard The shape of the edge of the wheel, the circle is used for drifting, the bevel has the performance requirements of drift and grip, and the reasonable choice of shape is a compulsory course for a new and advanced game.
5. The color of the wheel, black low-key luxury, yellow personality, purple noble romance, green fresh eyesight, pink girl heart, blue melancholy quiet.

sell longboard skateboard wheels
Longboard skateboard wheels side pattern, some round side embellished with color mosaic, fashion avant-garde, cool boy standard; solid color wheel, natural and generous, with low-key board, highlighting the skateboard owner's casual free and easy.

Longboard skateboard wheels brand, "ZYSL" is designed and produced by China. It is characterized by light brushing, conforming to the Chinese road conditions and high cost performance. "ZYSL" is smooth and has no sense of passage. It is the best for players who pursue smoothness and pursue themselves. The choice.

longboard skateboard wheels seller

87A longboard skateboard wheels - very rough ground (hillfall, etc.)
95A longboard skateboard wheels - rougher ground (block)
99A longboard skateboard wheels - smooth ground (various markets, skateparks, U-pools, swimming pools)
101A longboard skateboard wheels - not suitable for rough or very smooth ground (because it is too hard so the grip is poor)
52-55 mm longboard skateboard wheels - suitable for most users. Market, skatepark. Little skater.
56-60 mm longboard skateboard wheels - suitable for most users. Market, skatepark. Adult skater.
60+mm longboard skateboard wheels - suitable for special skaters. Lengthen the surface, downhill slopes, mud floors.

supply longboard skateboard wheels
The 85A longboard skateboard wheels are soft, suitable for rough road surface sliding, the card stone is not easy to fall, and because it is soft, it is not wearable, and it is easy to break the gap layer 60A when doing actions like side sliding brakes. The longboard skateboard wheels are softer; the longboard skateboard wheels of the 97A-103A are hard, suitable for smooth marble pavements or sliding on U-shaped pools, diving platforms and other props, which will fall to small things and sound on rough roads. Big. The brush street must be a soft wheel and it is best to have a big wheel. If there are longboards, those 60mm longboard skateboard wheels are not bad. Ordinary longboard skateboard wheels are mostly 45mm to 50mm.

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