An terrible order for ball bearing pillow blocks.

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A new year ago, I received a request of ball bearing pillow blocks from a Jordanian customer. In general, the order amount of his ball bearing pillow blocks is not large, about $200,000 a year, and the full L/C is on the spot.

I gave me a ball bearing pillow blocks last September.
The order, the amount of two cabinets, the amount of more than 90,000 US dollars.

However, the customer changed the number of ball bearing pillow blocks after receiving the letter of credit and changed the ball bearing pillow blocks on the letter of credit.
The amount, but no change in delivery.

Customer's changes have caused delays in the delivery of our ball bearing pillow blocks, exceeding the latest shipping date of the letter of credit.

I emailed the customer to let him change the card. The guest would be in Japan, saying that the change was inconvenient and asked us to negotiate as soon as possible, saying that they would accept the discrepancy.

In view of long cooperation, our company promised.

ball bearing pillow blocks

Our company handed in the order in early November. Until the end of the year, the customer had been ignoring the bank's documents. On the grounds of discrepancies, I sent an email telling me that the market would fall sharply and the market fell by 30%. It is purely exaggerated and requires a 15% discount of ball bearing pillow blocks. . .

The leadership of our company considered the impact of the economic crisis and promised 2% after two days. Customers have not agreed, always insist on 15%.
Later customers we agreed to 2%!
    The guest is still undecided, and then it is the annual holiday in the Middle East. It will not be able to contact for a long time.
Finally, once the phone found the guest, the guest still had to open 15%. After telephone communication, let us know the cost of the ball bearing pillow blocks. The ball bearing pillow blocks were produced in September, and the production cost of the ball bearing pillow blocks. Very high, let him consider our long-term cooperation relationship, try not to let one step, so that we can quickly solve this problem.

Finally, the customer said at least 5%!

ball bearing pillow blocks factory

So I reported to the company's leaders and applied for further discounts. The final leader agreed to give a 5% discount!

Later, the customer was informed by phone that the company agreed to a 5% discount and let them pay. They did not contact the bank on the other side, and finally told us to ask us to send a message to the bank and give a price reduction.

At that time, we were already very urgent, because our Spring Festival is just around the corner, we can't stand the drag. So we immediately included the originals to our bank on January 14th, and confirmed that the bank had already given the letter of credit of the ball bearing pillow blocks to the other bank.

The next time I was urging the customer to go to the bank to pay the ball bearing pillow blocks, but I couldn't keep in touch.

Until our Spring Festival holiday, the guests did not reply to me an email, nor did they have a call.

Finally, on the day before the Spring Festival, the customer gave me a call saying that they checked the cost of the port, and the port has already reached 10,000 dollars!

The customer said that he paid half of it, and the company took half of it, otherwise it would not pay.

ball bearing pillow blocks manufacturer

The first thing after the year was to apply for the detention of the port. After several twists and turns, I asked for a few times and learned the lessons of N. The boss finally agreed!

I told the customer, and sent everything to the bank of the other party through the bank!

Calling the customer, the customer is very happy and promises to pay the ball bearing pillow blocks as soon as possible!

During this period, I contacted the disembarkation company and found that the monthly detention fee was only 4500 USD as of March. The guests also said that we said more than 10,000. We also said that we should bear half of it, and the dishonest mentality can be seen!

Time flies again until March, and finally contacted the customer, the customer said that they do not want this batch of ball bearing pillow blocks, and canceled the letter of credit directly without notice in advance!

Helpless, we can only find a way to deal with the ball bearing pillow blocks of the two cabinets. The beginning was to consider reselling and did not find a suitable buyer. Only pull the ball bearing pillow blocks of the two cabinets back!

If you need the ball bearing pillow blocks or other bearings, please contact me any time!

Contact: Miya
MP/Whatsapp: +8618363031398

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