What is the definition and function of Four bolt flange bearing?

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The housing units are available in a variety of designs such as pillow blocks, Four bolt flange bearing and reel housings. The instant mounting unit consists of cast iron or a steel plate housing with integrated radial inserting ball. To ensure proper function and operational reliability under all operating conditions, the bearings and housings match each other. Due to the spherical outer surface of the outer ring of the bearing and the spherical bearing housing bore, the housing unit can compensate for the static angular misalignment of the shaft, see offsetting the offset. This unit is mainly used for locating bearings, but can also be used for non-locating bearings with low load and speed. The housing screws are mounted on adjacent structures. Screw the surface to fit only with smaller tolerances.

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Now we learn about the Four bolt flange bearing:

1. Four bolt flange bearing for a ready-to-mount installation where surface and guided shaft are perpendicular
2. Single-row deep groove ball bearing insert accommodates misalignments between the shaft and the housing
3. Cast iron housing and steel bearing unit for carrying shafts with radial or radial and thrust loads
4. Set screw locking collar for secure attachment to shaft
5. Nitrile rubber seals on both sides of the bearing keep lubricant in and contaminants out

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What is the use of the flange?

The flange is used for positioning for Four bolt flange bearing.
For example, the cylinder has a mounting method called flange mounting. For example, a rectangular hole is placed around a rectangular parallelepiped. A large hole is in the middle and the outer diameter of the cylinder is the same. The rectangular parallelepiped is placed on the cylinder and the other can be welded. The way is fixed together, the connection between the cylinder and other things is connected by the four holes around the cuboid. This cuboid can be called blue.

Four bolt flange bearing

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