A 150,000 order for an instrument ball bearing that we have obtained.

342 Published by Jul 05,2018

Today I will share an order for an instrument ball bearing that we have obtained.

instrument ball bearing

In February 2017, I received an instrument ball bearing inquiry from a customer from Europe. The enquiry does not seem to make any difference in the general enquiry price received during peacetime. The inquiry is for our one. The new product was sent over, the theme is: Inquiry about instrument ball bearing, the content is probably: I think this product is very good, the structure is more suitable, but I want to customize the size. I exchanged a few emails and found that the customer was not clear about the details of the bearing and it was unprofessional.

instrument ball bearing-1

Then I asked him for the pictures and specifications of the product he wanted to instrument ball bearing, and gave him drawings to let him choose. After repeated revisions of drawings and communication for more than a month.

Because I feel that the buyer is obviously a novice, I explained to him in detail some techniques of the instrument ball bearing industry, how to identify the quality, etc., the customer felt my enthusiasm and professionalism, said: I am looking for so many supplies The most patience and industry literacy in the business. After 35 days, I finally confirmed the drawing of an instrument ball bearing and started to confirm the proof. I also quickly made an invoice to the customer. The sample fee was naturally refreshing. Then I arranged the photo to the customer as soon as possible. I sent it the first time after ok.

instrument ball bearing-2

After the customer receives the sample of the instrument ball bearing, it may be busy or for other reasons, and has not given feedback. I will follow up with an email for two or three days. Here, let's not worry too much, or the customer will be disgusted. Probably after more than a month of follow-up, I finally received feedback from the customer. The customer said that they are very satisfied with the design and quality of the sample, but the size of the instrument ball bearing is not suitable. I immediately asked the customer to provide me with the size that needs to be changed. I arranged to re-sample and send it out.

instrument ball bearing-3

This time the customer is very satisfied, let us quote the past. The price customer did not confirm the first time, but also followed up for 2 months, and finally waited for the contract and order of the instrument ball bearing from the customer. Because the communication in front is very pleasant. The customer also arranged the prepayments with ease, and we successfully won the order of 150,000.

I summed it up: I want the customer to think, solve the customer's needs, in order to better reach the order.

instrument ball bearing

If you want to buy instrument ball bearing or any other specifications of bearings,please contact me, we will do the best for you!

Contact: Miya
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