What is the difference between rolling guide and linear motion rolling guide?

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The linear motion rolling guide is a slot or ridge made of metal or other material that can withstand, secure, or guide a moving device or device and reduce its friction. Usually linear reciprocating occasions, such as guiding, fixing mechanical parts, special equipment, instruments, etc. It has a higher rated load than a linear bearing and can withstand a constant torque for high-precision linear motion under high load conditions.
The commonly guide rails are mainly divided linear motion rolling guide and rolling guides. Compared to the rolling guide, the linear motion rolling guide has the characteristics of smooth movement, no gap and smooth movement. The lightness of movement is mainly reflected in the frictional resistance. The friction coefficient of sliding is large. By calculating the frictional resistance formula F=μ X mg, we can find that the sliding friction resistance of the object under the same mass is large. In fact, the rolling motion can move the object using only about 1/100 of the sliding motion. Moreover, the linear motion rolling guide has a poor motion or a stuck phenomenon due to the friction area assembly, so the linear motion rolling guide has obvious advantages.

high precision linear motion rolling guide
First, the linear guides wear less, which can greatly increase the service life of the guide rails and equipment. If the lubricating grease is not supplied in time between the mutually moving metal materials, a more serious wear problem occurs, thereby affecting the use. Therefore, the lubrication effect is also one of the factors that consider the quality of the rail system.
Compared with the linear motion rolling guide, the contact portion of the rolling guide is small and is rolling friction; therefore, only a small amount of lubricating oil is required to meet the requirements of use. Normally, the lubricating rail supply cycle of the rolling guide is 1 month, and the running length is about 100 km. The rolling guide is suitable for high-speed movement; this is because the rolling guide is less prone to frictional heat than the sliding motion unit, so the heat shape variable is small, and the maximum speed of the two straight lines differs by more than 10 times.

high quality linear motion rolling guide
In terms of service life, the linear motion rolling guide has a large frictional resistance, and the wear and tear is also large, and the precision caused by the wear varies greatly, so the life prediction of the equipment is difficult. High-speed operation of the roller structure Very low noise The existing guide rail adopts the steel ball roller technology. Most of the steel balls roll in the ball circulation path of the track and the slider, so noise is caused, and the movement speed is also limited. However, our dual-axis high-speed rails use double-row bearings, and the bearings will roll completely, so that linear motion and quieting of maximum turning speed will be obtained. Adjustable gap accuracy. The composition of the guide rail and the slider can also be adjusted by the nut on the side of the slider.

competitive price linear motion rolling guide
Several characteristics of the double-axis guide rail
Corrosion resistance and rust resistance The development of guide rails is also the development process of linear motion systems. The first appearance of industrial guide rails is the sliding guide. However, due to the large frictional resistance, the existence of gaps in motion, low life, and large amount of lubricating oil, it was quickly eliminated. Further, a rolling guide system is derived. Although it has a slight advantage over the sliding system, there are still some problems, such as the disadvantage that the shaft is easy to bend and the load is small.
Following the industrial rails, linear bearings and linear motion rolling guide have appeared. Although the dimensions of the two are similar, the linear motion rolling guide has a stronger carrying capacity. The linear motion rolling guide is different from the linear bearing. Compared to the linear bearing, the linear motion rolling guide is not easy to bend with the full rail support. In terms of load, the linear motion of the linear motion rolling guide is increased. 13 times, the overall life expectancy increased by 2200 times.

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