How to install the needle roller bearing hk?

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needle roller bearing hk installation:
To install a full needle roller bearing hk, usually du is carried out with an auxiliary sleeve. At this time, the dao auxiliary roller or auxiliary sleeve supports the needle roller to prevent it from falling out. The journal raises the needle roller with its own chamfer, and slowly moves inward as the needle bearing on the journal. The auxiliary roller or auxiliary sleeve slowly withdraws until it is installed in the working position. The outer diameter of the auxiliary roller and auxiliary sleeve should be 0.1-0.3mm smaller than the shaft diameter. When installing, first coat the inner surface of the bearing outer ring with grease, stick the needle roller against the inner surface (there should be a gap when inserting the last needle), and then put the auxiliary roller instead of the journal or bearing inner ring Or push the auxiliary sleeve into the outer ring hole, and align the end face with the end face of the mounting shaft or the end face of the inner ring of the bearing that has been installed on the shaft, and then use a press or hammer to apply pressure.

needle roller bearing hk

needle roller bearing hk can also be installed in this way, that is, apply a thin layer of lubricating oil to the outer diameter of the auxiliary sleeve, insert it into the outer ring of the bearing, so that the auxiliary sleeve and the outer ring of the bearing form an annular hole, and then install needle rollers in the annular hole.After installing the needle roller, use the working shaft to push out the auxiliary sleeve. For needle roller bearing hk without inner ring or outer ring, when installing, apply a thin layer of grease to the rolling surface of the shaft or housing hole first, and then close the needles to the grease on the installation site. There should be a gap when placing the last needle. The gap should be 0.5mm on the circumference of the needle roller bearing hk. It is not possible to hard squeeze the last needle in, or to install one less needle, because the bearing will be stuck and cannot rotate during hard squeezing; when there is less installation, the gap is too large, which will easily cause needle rolling when the bearing is running Twisting and breaking. For needle roller bearing hk with a stamped outer ring, because the outer ring wall is very thin, the non-needle roller bearings need to be hammered and installed, and should be pressed in with a press. Because the pressure is uneven when the hand hammer is hit, it is easy to cause local deformation of the outer ring of the needle roller bearing.

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needle roller bearing hk is a roller bearing with cylindrical rollers. The rollers are thin and long relative to their diameter. This kind of roller is called a needle roller. Despite having a small cross-section, the bearing still has a high load bearing capacity. Needle roller bearing hk are equipped with thin and long rollers (roller diameter D≤5mm, L/D≥2.5, L is the length of the roller), so The radial structure is compact, and its inner diameter and load capacity are the same as other types of bearings, and the outer diameter is the smallest. It is especially suitable for supporting structures with restricted radial installation dimensions.
According to different applications, bearings without inner ring or needle roller and cage components can be selected. At this time, the journal surface and shell hole surface matching the bearing directly serve as the inner and outer rolling surfaces of the bearing to ensure load capacity and running performance Same as the bearing with ring, the hardness, machining accuracy and surface quality of the raceway surface of the shaft or housing hole should be similar to the raceway of the bearing ring. This kind of bearing can only bear radial load.

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