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The axial direction refers to the axial direction of the shaft, and the radial direction is perpendicular to the radial direction of the shaft. Therefore, the axial load of the pillow block axial load bearing refers to the load generated in the axial direction of the pillow block axial load bearing. The popular one is the force that pushes the inner ring of the bearing out of the outer ring.

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Axial loads are widely used in various structural vibrations. They not only have important research value in theory, but also have a wide range of engineering backgrounds. For example, during the flight of a rocket missile, there is a large axial compression load, and this axial compression load has different effects on the lateral vibration characteristics of the missile.

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At present, the influence of axial load on structural vibration characteristics has been paid much attention at home and abroad, mainly reflected in the coupled dynamic response of axial load to thin-walled beam bending and torsion, and stability analysis. British JRBanerjee et al. used dynamic stiffness matrix method to study the axis. The effect of the load on the coupled bending and torsional vibration characteristics of composite beams.
It has been found that when elastic waves propagate in periodic composites or structures, the elastic waves are periodically modulated and cannot propagate in a specific frequency range.

original cast iron pillow block bearingThis frequency range is referred to as a band gap, and such a periodic composite or structure having an elastic band gap is referred to as a phononic crystal. Because the band gap characteristics of phononic crystals can effectively control the propagation of elastic waves, and the band gap frequency range can be artificially designed, phononic crystals have broad application prospects in acoustic devices and vibration and noise reduction.
The order of pillow block axial load bearing type according to the ability to withstand axial load from small to large is: cylindrical roller bearing <ball bearing <tapered roller bearing < end bearing.

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