What’s the basic information and characteristics of pillow block mounted ball bearing?

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SNL bearing seat is divided into those series
The stand-up SNL pillow block mounted ball bearing are available in the SNL200, SNL500, SNL300, and SNL600 series, the most popular in the wide range of housings. Due to their versatility, it is rarely necessary to use custom housings for specific applications. The housing is horizontally split and there are two or four connecting bolt holes on the base.
Building a bearing housing system
The foundation of the SNL pillow block mounted ball bearing system is a number of bearing housings of the same design but of different sizes. By combining these housings with different standard seals, a wide range of housing types are available in the standard range. SNL plummer block housings are available in shaft diameters from 20 to 160 mm.

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Enhanced base
The base of the SNL pillow block mounted ball bearing is reinforced by connecting ribs and additional material around the bolt holes to improve the seating condition on the base plate. The connecting bolts can be preloaded for better fixing and do not deform the base or housing bore of the housing.

Modular system
The SNL pillow block mounted ball bearing are available in a range of housing sizes with the same design, and are used with a wide range of standard seals for different operating conditions and environments. SNL housings are suitable for applications with shaft diameters between 20 and 160 mm.
Enhanced base design
The SNL housing adds some support and wall thickness around the coupling bolt holes, making the bottom of the housing stronger. Therefore, the coupling bolt can be locked tighter to improve the positioning ability, and the pillow block mounted ball bearing seat can be prevented from being deformed due to excessive force.

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Bearing housing connection
There are two coupling bolt holes on the base of the SNL housing. The housings with sizes 511-609 or above can be designed with four coupling bolt holes, codenamed FSNL..NM. These larger housings also offer a non-connected bolt hole design, codenamed SSNLD, which can be machined to fit the application. These SKF housings are made of ductile iron.
Smaller housings up to 511-609 can also be mounted with four bolts. There are some cast marks on the housing that indicate where the hole can be drilled.
Good heat dissipation
Since the base of the SNL housing adds some support portions, it also increases the surface area between the base and the support surface, so that a greater amount of heat can be carried away from the pillow block mounted ball bearing.
Device for relubrication
The standard SNL housing has a grease nipple that allows service personnel to replenish grease. There are also cast marks on the housing to allow the user to add additional nozzles to supplement the lubrication of the lubricated pillow block mounted ball bearing or seals.

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Identification mark on the top cover and base
The top and base of the pillow block mounted ball bearing are machined together in the manufacturing process and must be used together. The different top and base are absolutely not interchangeable. To prevent confusion, the top cover and base of each SNL housing are labeled with the same number for identification.
Help install tags
There are cast marks on the base of the SNL housing to indicate the position of the bore axis, which makes it easier to install and more precise.Install marking holes for other parts
SNL housings have special markings to indicate locations where drilling may be required; for example, positioning pins, sensors for condition monitoring or adding additional nozzles.

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