To get more precision tapered roller bearings orders with “Causal effect”!

571 Published by Sep 10,2018

Our company is a professional supplier of precision tapered roller bearings.
I received an inquiry from the South American customer's precision tapered roller bearings at the MIC last year, and I successfully placed the order. In the meantime, I hope to learn more about this customer's information, I use the search tool and social platform for information retrieval. When you search for customer information, you will definitely find out more or less the resource information of other companies, and this one will be recorded.

KOYO precision tapered roller bearings

One of them was very impressed. After reading all kinds of information, I identified my target customers and also worked as a key development target. This company is the same country as the single customer I mentioned, and through further search and investigation, the company's effective contact email, phone number and online communication method were determined. With this information, I first added the target customer's social platform account, informed us of the supply of precision tapered roller bearings and revealed a certain understanding of the target market. The other party said that it has never imported precision tapered roller bearings in the Chinese mainland market, but is very interested and willing to cooperate further in the future.

JAPAN precision tapered roller bearings

When the other party said that they had not cooperated in the Chinese mainland market and did not purchase precision tapered roller bearings in China, I was very happy, so the focus was on gaining the trust of the other side. However, it is more difficult to obtain the trust of the other party only through online communication. This piece must be paved in advance, I am happy to share my life on the social platform, these can make the other party feel that you are a living person, and then share my work. There was also an episode during the interview. The guest searched our company online and asked our manager if I really worked for this company.

ORIGINAL precision tapered roller bearings

The active development of the guest's own transaction cycle will be relatively long, I also tentatively asked whether there is a corresponding demand in the near future, and the guests said that there is, what I need to do is to wait patiently and from time to time to say hi.
One day after I met the guest, six months later, the other party was very happy to say that I had prepared a request for precision tapered roller bearings. I hope I can quote the price. After that, the transaction was successful, and the order officially ended at the beginning of this month. Our cooperation is very enjoyable.

If you want to buy precision tapered roller bearings or any other bearings, please contact me, we will do the best for you!

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