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Linear guides slide rail, also known as linear rails, slide rails, linear guide rails, and linear slide rails, are used in linear reciprocating motion applications and can assume a certain amount of torque, enabling high-precision linear motion under high load conditions. In the mainland called a linear guide, Taiwan is generally called linear guides, linear slides.

It is divided into square ball linear guides, double-axle core roller linear guides, and single-axis linear guides.

Linear Guides

effect of slide rail
The role of the linear guide motion is to support and guide the moving parts, making a reciprocating linear motion in a given direction. According to the nature of the friction, linear motion guides can be classified into sliding friction guides, rolling friction guides, elastic friction guides, and fluid friction guides. Linear bearings are mainly used in automated machinery, such as machine tools imported from Germany, bending machines, laser welding machines, etc. Of course, linear bearings and linear axes are used together. The linear guide rails are mainly used in mechanical structures with relatively high accuracy requirements. Instead of an intermediate medium between the moving elements and the fixed elements of the linear guide rails, rolling steel balls are used.

Automatic aligning ability of slide rail
The combination of DF (45-45) degrees from the circular arc groove, when installed, is due to the elastic deformation of the steel ball and the transfer of contact points. Even if the mounting surface is slightly misaligned, it can be absorbed inside the track rail slider. Generates the effect of self-aligning ability to obtain high-precision and stable smooth motion.

slide rail

Interchangeable of slide rail
Due to the strict control of manufacturing precision, the linear guide rail size can be maintained within a certain level, and the slider has a retainer design to prevent the ball from falling off. Therefore, some series of precision can be interchanged. Customers can order rails or Sliders can also store rails and sliders separately to reduce storage space.

High rigidity in all directions of slide rail
The use of four-row arc groove, with four rows of steel ball and other contact angle of 45 degrees, so that the ball to achieve the desired two-point contact structure, can withstand the load from the up and down and left and right direction; if necessary, can also apply preload to improve rigidity.

working principle of slide rail
It can be understood as a kind of rolling guide, which is an infinite scrolling cycle between the slider and the guide rail of the steel ball, so that the load platform can easily move linearly along the guide rail with high accuracy, and the friction coefficient can be reduced to that of the conventional slide guide. One-fiftieth, it can easily achieve high positioning accuracy. The design of the terminal unit between the slider and the guide rail enables the linear guide rail to simultaneously bear the loads in all directions such as up, down, left, right, etc. The patented reflow system and the simplified structure design allow the HIWIN linear guide to have smoother and lower noise movement.

Slider - Makes movement from curve to line. The new rail system allows the machine to achieve a rapid feed rate. With the same spindle speed, fast feed is a feature of linear guides. Linear guides Like flat guides, there are two basic components; one is the fixed element that serves as the guide and the other is the moving element. As the linear guide is a standard part, it is for machine tool manufacturers. The only thing to do is to machine the parallelism between the plane of a mounting rail and the calibration rail. Of course, in order to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool, a small amount of scraping of the bed or column is essential, and in most cases, the installation is relatively simple. As a guide, the guide rail is hardened steel, which is placed on the mounting plane after fine grinding. Compared with the plane rail, the geometric shape of the linear rail cross section is more complex than the plane rail. The reason for the complexity is that the groove needs to be machined to facilitate the movement of the sliding element. The shape and quantity of the groove depend on the machine tool to be completed. The function. For example: a rail system that can withstand both linear forces and subversive moments, compared to rails that only withstand linear forces. There is a big difference in design.
The basic function of the fixed element (rail) of the linear guide system is like a bearing ring, a bracket for mounting steel balls, and a shape of "v". The brackets wrap the top and sides of the rails. In order to support the working parts of the machine tool, a linear guide has at least four brackets. For supporting large working parts, the number of brackets can be more than four.

slide rail

When the working part of the machine tool moves, the ball circulates in the bracket groove, and the wear of the bracket is distributed to each steel ball, thereby extending the service life of the linear guide. In order to eliminate the gap between the bracket and the rail, preloading can improve the stability of the rail system and obtain preload. An oversized steel ball is installed between the guide rail and the bracket. The ball diameter tolerance is ±20 μm. In 0.5 μm increments, the steel balls are screened and sorted and loaded on the guide rails respectively. The amount of preloading depends on the force acting on the steel ball. If the force acting on the steel ball is too large and the preloading time is too long, resulting in the increase of the carriage movement resistance, the problem of balancing will occur; in order to increase the sensitivity of the system and reduce the movement resistance, the preloading should be reduced accordingly. However, in order to improve the accuracy of the movement and maintain the accuracy, it is required to have sufficient pre-plus negative numbers. This is a contradiction.
If the working time is too long, the steel balls begin to wear out, and the preload applied to the steel balls begins to weaken, resulting in a decrease in the accuracy of the movement of the working parts of the machine tool. If you want to maintain initial accuracy, you must replace the rail brackets or even replace the rails. If the rail system has been preloaded. The accuracy of the system has been lost. The only way is to replace the rolling element.
The design of the guideway system strives to have the largest contact area between the fixed element and the moving element. This not only improves the carrying capacity of the system, but also the system can withstand the impact force generated by intermittent cutting or gravity cutting, spreading the force widely and expanding The area of force. In order to achieve this, the groove shape of the rail system has a variety of types. There are two representative types, one is called Gothic (pointed arch), the shape is a semi-circular extension, and the contact point is a vertex; The arc shape can also serve the same purpose. No matter which kind of structure form, the purpose has only one, strive for more rolling ball radius to contact the guide rail (fixed component). The factors that determine the performance characteristics of the system are: how the rolling elements come into contact with the guide rails, which is the key to the problem.

slide rail

Application area of slide rail
1, linear guides are mainly used in automated machinery, such as Germany's imported machine tools, bending machines, laser welding machines, etc. Of course, linear guides and linear axes are supporting. The
2. The linear guideway is mainly used on the mechanical structure with high precision requirements. The moving element and fixed element of the linear guideway do not use intermediate media, but use rolling steel balls. Because the rolling ball adapts to high-speed motion, small friction coefficient and high sensitivity, it can meet the working requirements of moving parts, such as the tool holder and pallets. If the force acting on the steel ball is too large, the steel ball is subject to a preloading time that is too long, resulting in an increase in the carriage movement resistance.
Use caution
The linear guide is a precision part, so it requires a very careful attitude in use. Even if a high-performance linear guide is used, if it is used improperly, it cannot achieve the desired performance and it is easy to damage the linear guide. So, use

Linear guides should pay attention to the following matters:
Prevent corrosion of slide rail 
When direct linear guides are to be taken by hand, thoroughly wash off the sweat from the hands and apply high-quality mineral oil before operating. During the rainy season and summer, special attention must be paid to rust prevention.
Keep the environment clean of slide rail 
Keeping the Linear Guide and its Surrounding Environment Clean Even if tiny dust, invisible to the naked eye, enters the guide, it will increase the wear, vibration, and noise of the guide.
Installation should be carefully of slide rail 
When the linear guide rail is used and installed, it must be carefully and careful punching is not allowed. It is not allowed to strike the guide rail directly with the hammer, and it is not allowed to transmit the pressure through the rolling elements.
Installation tools should be suitable
Linear Guides Use appropriate and accurate mounting tools. Use special tools as much as possible to avoid using fabrics and staple fibers.

slide rail

Clean rail of slide rail
As one of the core components of the equipment, guide rails and linear shafts function as guides and supports. In order to ensure the machine has a high processing accuracy, it requires its guide rails, straight lines have a high guide accuracy and good movement stability. During the operation of the equipment, a large amount of corrosive dust and fumes will be generated during the processing of the workpiece. The smoke and dust will be deposited on the surface of the guide rails and linear shafts for a long time, which will have a great influence on the processing accuracy of the equipment and will Corrosion points are formed on the surface of the linear axis of the guide rail, shortening the service life of the equipment In order to make the machine work normally and ensure the processing quality of the product, we must do a good job of routine maintenance of guide rails and linear shafts. Note: Please prepare the cleaning guide rails - dry cotton cloth and lubricating oil. Engraving machine guide is divided into linear guides, roller guides. Linear Guide Cleaning: First move the laser head to the right (or left), find the linear guide, wipe with a dry cotton cloth until the light is clean, plus a little lubricating oil (use sewing machine oil, do not use engine oil) , Push the laser head slowly to the right and left several times to evenly distribute the lubricant. Roller guide cleaning: move the cross beam to the inside, open the cover on both sides of the machine, find the guide rails, wipe the place where the guide rails and rollers are in contact with dry cotton, and then move the cross beam to clean the remaining places.

slide rail

Development Overview of slide rail
The sustained and rapid growth of China’s economy provides a huge market space for linear guide rail products. The strong attraction of the Chinese market has led the world to focus on the Chinese market. In the short period of reform and opening up, China’s linear guide rail manufacturing industry The huge production capacity created makes the world impressive. With the continuous expansion of China's power industry, data communication industry, urban rail transit industry, automotive industry and shipbuilding and other industries, the demand for linear guide rails will also grow rapidly. The future of linear guide rail industry has huge potential for development.

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