Do you know the type and installation of spherical cam follower?

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Types of spherical cam follower:
Standard spherical cam follower CF Type: Standard Cam Follower Bearing CF is the basic form of Cam Follower Bearing. The rod end diameter ranges from a minimum of 3mm to a maximum of 30mm, with a wide range of sizes and a wide range of applications.
spherical cam follower with hexagon hole can be filled with lubricating oil from the top of the rod end
spherical cam follower have high rigidity and high precision as follower bearings for cam mechanisms and follower bearings for linear motion, and are widely used in machine tools, industrial manipulators, electronic components, and OA equipment.

spherical cam follower

Installation of spherical cam follower:
1. After making the center line of the mounting hole and the direction of movement of the cam follower bearing at right angles, the side of the mounting hole should be aligned correctly according to the / size in the size table and then fixed with a nut. During installation, do not directly hit the flange of the cam follower bearing with a hammer, otherwise it may cause improper rotation or breakage.

2. The mark on the side of the rod end flange indicates the oil hole position on the track surface S. When installing, be careful not to install the oil hole in the load area. Oil holes located in the load domain will shorten the service life of the bearing. The vertical hole in the center of the rod end is used for refueling or stopping.

spherical cam follower

3. When tightening the nut, it should not exceed the maximum tightening torque range shown in the dimension table. Excessive tightening torque may sometimes cause the threaded part of the rod end to break. In addition, if it is used under some working conditions that may loosen the nut, use a lock nut, spring washer or special lock nut, etc.

4. Eccentric spherical cam follower and cam follower with eccentric bushing. The position S of the outer ring of the bearing can be adjusted by rotating it with a screwdriver or hexagonal hole on the top of the rod end. The rod end can be fixed with a spring washer, etc. and screwed with a screw nut. When tightening the nut, the maximum tightening torque range shown in the dimension table should not be exceeded.

original spherical cam follower

When bearing an impact load and need to correctly maintain the eccentric adjustment, as shown in Figure 3, it is recommended to pass through the shaft hole to make a hole for the rod or eccentric shaft sleeve, and fix it with a positioning pin. However, the rod ends with a rod end diameter of 8mm or less (the diameter of the eccentric bushing 11mm) are quenched and hardened.

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