What are the performance and characteristics of spherical roller thrust bearings?

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Performance characteristics of spherical roller thrust bearings:

1. The outer ring of the spherical roller thrust bearings and the housing of the spherical roller thrust bearings housing should not be used with interference fit. The inner ring and the journal should not be too tight. It is required to make the nut more flexible when adjusting the nut during installation. Axial displacement. Because the spherical roller thrust bearings adopts an interference fit, the contact angle of the bearing is easily changed, resulting in uneven bearing load distribution, causing high temperature rise. Therefore, the inner and outer rings of such bearings are fitted with the journal and the housing hole of the bearing housing. Generally, it is best to push the bearing into the journal and the housing hole with both hands and thumbs.

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2. For the axial clearance of the spherical roller thrust bearings, the adjusting nut on the journal, the adjusting washer and the thread in the bearing housing hole can be used, or the pre-tightening spring can be used to adjust. The size of the axial clearance is related to the arrangement of the bearing when it is installed, the distance between the bearings, and the material of the shaft and the bearing housing, which can be determined according to the working conditions. For high-load and high-speed spherical roller thrust bearings, when adjusting the clearance, the influence of temperature rise on the axial clearance must be considered, and the amount of clearance caused by temperature rise is estimated, that is, axial travel.

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The gap should be adjusted to a larger size. For bearings with low speed and vibration, no clearance installation or preload installation is required. The purpose is to make the roller and the raceway of the spherical roller thrust bearings have good contact, and the load is evenly distributed to prevent the roller and the raceway from being damaged by the vibration shock. After adjustment, the size of the axial clearance is checked with a dial gauge. The method is to first fix the dial gauge to the fuselage or the bearing seat, so that the dial gauge contact bears against the smooth surface of the shaft, and pushes the shaft along the axial direction, and the maximum swing amount of the hands is the axial clearance value.

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