What’s the characteristic of spherical self aligning roller bearings?

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Spherical self aligning roller bearings are bearings with drum rollers assembled between the inner ring with two raceways and the outer ring with spherical raceways, as shown in Figure 4. Spherical self aligning roller bearings have two rows of rollers, which mainly bear radial load, and can also bear moderate axial load in any direction; have high radial load capacity, especially suitable for radial heavy load or vibration load Works, but cannot withstand pure axial loads.

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The main features of spherical self aligning roller bearings are:
(1) Similar to the self-aligning ball bearing, the outer ring raceway of the self-aligning roller bearing is a part of the spherical surface, and its center of curvature is on the bearing axis. The outer ring raceway of this type of bearing is spherical, so its self-aligning performance is good. , can compensate the coaxiality error, so it can realize automatic centering.

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(2) In the section perpendicular to the rolling direction, the busbar of the roller is a curve, which can be well matched with the inner and outer raceways. The roller and the raceway are in line contact, which can withstand radial and axial loads, and has good impact resistance.
(3) The rollers of spherical self aligning roller bearings have a high degree of agreement with the raceways, and they are all curved generatrixes, so the relative sliding is serious, and the friction is larger than that of cylindrical roller bearings, so the allowable working speed of spherical roller bearings is lower.

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(4) Ordinary spherical self aligning roller bearings have asymmetric rollers, which will generate an axial component force during operation, and the roller will be in contact with the central fixed rib under the action of this component force. Spherical self aligning roller bearings, which use a movable intermediate retaining ring that can move in the axial direction, so that the roller is no longer constrained by the central retaining edge, and the undercut groove of the inner ring raceway is omitted, and longer rollers can be used so as to increase the bearing capacity of the bearing.

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(5) The contact angle of single row spherical self aligning roller bearings is 0. , the contact angle does not change significantly under the axial load, and a small axial load will generate a large contact force between the roller and the raceway. Therefore, when the axial load is relatively larger than the radial load, the single-row self-aligning Roller bearings cannot withstand combined radial and axial loads.
(6) Similar to self-aligning ball bearings, double-row spherical self aligning roller bearings with adapter sleeves can be installed on any position of the optical axis without machining the positioning shoulder.

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